The California Consultanate

In November 2011, Calbuzz formed the Calbuzz Advisory Board of Leading Authorities on Practically Everything — a collection of some of the smartest political consultants and professional strategists in California, to whom we pose questions and from whom we cull the current conventional or unconventional wisdom of the California Consultanate.

Panelists may or may not respond to our questions, depending on whether they have something to say. They do not — by being on the panel — endorse anything we might say on Calbuzz. They’ve just agreed that from time to time, they’ll chime in.

In alphabetical order by party, these are our panelists:

Democrats: Bill Carrick, Sterling Clifford, Rose Kapolczynski, Gale Kaufman, Jason Kinney, Chris Lehane, Steve Maviglio, Katie Merrill, Roger Salazar, Ace Smith, Garry South, David Townsend, Joe Trippi, Ben Tulchin.

Republicans: Jim Brulte, Kevin Eckery, Bettina Inclan, Donna Lucas, Ray McNally, Adam Mendelsohn, Beth Miller, Bob Naylor, Cassandra Pye, Steve Schmidt, Don Sipple, Kevin Spillane, Rob Stutzman, Mitch Zak.