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Jack Kavanagh’s Rough & Tumble Deserves Top Honors

Friday, April 10th, 2009

We were delighted to be named by the Washington Post’s “The Fix” as one of the top three political web sites in California, along with Flashreport and Calitics. But there is one web site that wasn’t named that — in our opinion — is a vital resource for anyone following California politics. That’s Rough & Tumble, by Jack Kavanagh.

Jack has been pulling together the most relevant California political news on his site for years — day in and day out. He’s fair, open-minded and one of the hardest-working guys in the business.

Jack’s web site generates 18,000 to 20,000 page views a day: it’s tremendously successful and rightfully so. It’s the granddaddy of California political sites. (There are many other great sites, but Jack’s is in a class by itself.)

Calbuzz is indebted to Rough & Tumble: More people come to our site from Rough & Tumble than any other single source. We urge Chris Cillizza, who publishes “The Fix” for the Washington Post to add Rough & Tumble to his list of top California sites.

Washington Post Ranks Calbuzz a Top Political Site in California

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Less than a month into the mission (and even before our redesign), calbuzz.com was named one of the top three political blogs/sites in California Thursday, by The Washington Post’s “The Fix,” written by that paper’s top blogger, Chris Cillizza.

As the ultimate insider’s insider journalist in Our Nation’s Capitol, Cillizza publishes an annual list of “the best political blog (or blogs) in each of the 50 states.” In his updated list, which appears on the home page of his blog every day, Cillizza put calbuzz in the Golden State’s top tier, joined by our friends at FlashReport and Calitics, both featured in our blogroll.

Cillizza made his selections based on recommendations of readers, which means we got a bunch of support from calbuzzers across the state. We hugely appreciate not only your readership but also the great contributions made by calbuzz contributors from every point on the political spectrum, from Fred Keeley to Dan Schnur, from H.D. Palmer to Jude Barry.

You can see Cillizza’s entire list here. Thanks again for your support.