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Meyer’s Take on How eMeg Plans to Win Latinos

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Steve Poizner’s newest ad attacking Meg Whitman on the issue of immigration seems actually to have drawn blood, to judge from the speed and sensitivity with which Team eMeg felt compelled to respond. Sure, Steve is an opportunist who has changed his stance on the issue, but for the first time, he’s digging into Meg with this one.

We understand why La Opinion would write: “Steve Poizner now embodies the worst image of the demagoguery sowing fears of illegal immigration and tacitly promoting the vision of a California where schools and hospitals serve as immigration agents casting out children and the sick. That is what this message actually means.”

We just don’t understand how it serves eMeg’s interests to send around clips from the La Opinion editorial as if to suggest that she agrees with their world view. Not quite as cynical and opportunistic as Poizner’s about-face on the issue of illegal immigration. But almost.

Meanwhile, as California’s ongoing controversy over immigration — and its other-side-of-the-coin importance to Latino voters — becomes more salient in the governor’s race, here’s Tom Meyer’s take on eMeg’s strategy for winning over the backing of a portion of the electorate that is likely to account for 15% of the vote in November. (BTW, in case you missed it, you might want to refresh your memory about what ammo Attorney General Jerry Brown has on this issue and whether immigrant-bashing is likely to be a successful tactic.)

If you can’t make out what’s happening at the bottom of the cartoon, here’s a close-up of Whitman campaign chairman Pete Wilson wearing a Prop 187 button.