Biden Should Go Positive — Decency for a Change


decencyNow that he’s got California Sen. Kamala Harris for his running mate, former Vice President Joe Biden has one key task: Sell himself to voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. With a Harris as his running mate, hopefully he’ll boost the black vote in Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia over Hillary Clinton’s disappointing showing in 2016.

To that end, Phil and David Trounstine have produced a positive ad with the goal in mind of attracting the attention of the Biden campaign to the message it hammers home: Hard head. Soft heart, Joe Biden for President. Decency for a Change.

This is not an ad for TV. Pros should put that together. It’s a suggestion for how an ad might be shaped and what its fundamental message should be. Calbuzz is pleased to show it to our readers and, hopefully, to the Biden campaign. Here’s a link to the ad.





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