A Quantitative Look at Dawn of Trump Regime


Trump_Inauguration_34607.jpg-a6dbc_c0-0-2875-1676_s885x516 (1)Some Actual (not Alternative) Facts about the start of the Trump Reich Era:

109. The number of people affected by President Trump’s travel and immigration ban, according to his Twitter account.

60,000. The minimum number of people actually affected by the travel ban.

1 in 1.34 billion. Chance of a U.S. citizen being killed in a terrorist attack caused by a refugee.

1 in 10.9 billion.  Chance of an American being killed by an illegal immigrant.

1 in 174,426.  – Chance of being killed by lightning.

1 in 358.  Chances of being killed by a firearm attack in the U.S.

52.  Number of lawsuits filed against Trump in the first two weeks of his presidency.

4. Number of suits filed against George W. Bush in the first two weeks of his presidency.

sign127.  Number of technology companies that joined in filing a legal brief calling the travel ban “unlawful” and saying immigration is “intimately tied” to economic growth.

200. Estimated number of companies on Fortune 500 started by immigrants.

0. Number of Muslim countries named in travel ban where Trump’s family company does business.

4. Number of Muslim countries where Trump’s family company does business not named in the travel ban.

53 & 51. Percent majorities of Americans in CNN and CBS polls respectively that say they oppose Trump’s immigration order.

2. Number of Tweets Trump sent out attacking the polls as “fake news.”

mushroom4,000.  Number of nuclear weapons that the U.S. President alone can launch.

2.5.  Number of minutes before midnight that the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists last month moved the hands on the Doomsday Clock, which symbolizes imminent global disaster.

5-10. Number of years that White House Chief Strategist and ex-radio talk show host Steve Bannon estimated, in the spring of 2016, before the U.S. would be at war with China.

452.8 Billon. Total number of dollars Californians pay to federal government each year in taxes.

367.8. Total dollars that U.S. government spends on all programs and services in California.

40th. California’s rank in federal money spent compared to taxes paid.

1. State of Mississippi’s rank in federal expenditures received to taxes paid.

62. Percentage of those in a new Public Policy Polling survey who said they want to keep the Affordable Care Act and make changes to it.

33. Percentage of those in the same poll who said they want to scrap President Obama’s heath care law and start over.

33. Percentage of Americans who don’t know Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing.

44-53. Trump’s job performance approval-disapproval rating among Americans, two weeks after taking office.

1,336. Number of days after inauguration before a majority of Americans disapproved of George W. Bush’s job performance.

8. Number of days before a majority disapproved of Trump’s job performance.

14 billion.  Combined number of dollars of estimated worth net worth of Trump’s cabinet picks.

Doctor-Trump3. Prescription medications taken by the President, according to his physician, Dr. Harold Borenstein.

1,370. Lawsuits filed against Merck, manufacturer of finasteride, one of those medications, charging it has had physical, psychological and sexual side effects, including impotence.

28-3. Score by which the President’s favored New England Patriots were losing to Atlanta Falcons when he bailed on his own Superbowl Party at 8:57 p.m.

2. Media interviews unearthed so far in which presidential assistant Kellyanne Conway, coiner of the phrase “alternative facts,” referenced a fake “Bowling Green Massacre” to support the immigration order, before she made the claim during an infamous appearance on MSNBC.

25. Percentage of Americans who say they will become more politically active this year.

40. Percent of Democratic women who say they will become more politically active in 2017.

elxn1,363. Number of days until 2020 presidential election.

A version of this post also appears in the Santa Barbara Independent.



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