Excloo: Trump Hidey-Hole Turns Tourist Trap


touristsPilgrims have begun visiting a small, windswept site alongside U.S. 101-N, where Secret Service agents less than 24 hours earlier fabricated a makeshift pathway for Donald Trump to skulk into the California Republican convention, Calbuzz has learned.

Early Saturday, Calbuzz News Team On the Scene! captured live images of the bizarre spectacle of tourists transforming into a kind of political shrine the spot where Trump sneaked into the San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency after protesters blocked his motorcade.

As our crew was investigating the scene for the full report, below, a car heading north on US 101 suddenly pulled off onto the right shoulder, where CalTrans workers have been working to widen the highway. The unidentified male driver and three teenagers jumped out of the vehicle. Retracing Trump’s footsteps, they made their way down an asphalt-lined ditch, jumped down and through a small opening in the construction fence cut away by law enforcement.

As your Calbuzzers recorded the event in astonishment, the smiling man, who appeared to be a Trump supporter, lined up his kids to pose for pictures at the now-historic fence opening. He also examined with considerable interest the portion of green fence that had been cut and cast aside. “They’re kind of liberal,” he said of the teens. “It’s important for them to see this.”

ditchAfter the four had driven away, our intrepid news team re-enacted Trump’s recreation of the California immigrant experience. Here is how the deal went down:

The ditch adjoining Highway 101 (right) down which they led Trump from his motorcade. Secret Service used bolt cutters to slice a three-foot opening in the construction fence.

fenceThe section of fence (left) cut away for Trump. If GOP Chairman Jim Brulte’s smart, he’ll track this down to auction off to benefit the party.

This Exclusive Calbuzz Video shows how The Donald jumped down from the ditch, clambered up an embankment, Trumpian locks flowing in the breeze, and onto a roadway leading to a back door of the hotel.

mirror1Trump next was walked down a service hallway, then veered off course to fix his hair while standing before a large mirror. Eyewitnesses say they were struck by the importance Trump  placed on restoring order to his signature coif.

mirror2He walked into a service area behind the convention podium (the gentleman pushing the Trump Tower of salads pictured here was not present Friday).stagedoor

Then he entered the banquet hall from stage right and walked to the podium.

“This was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made,” Trump told the crowd. “We went under a fence and through a fence,” he lied, “and, oh boy, it felt like I was crossing the border, actually.” Ha, ha.

Trump then insulted “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz and “Disgusting” John Kasich (and by extension their many followers seated in the hall), called for “party unity” before quickly adding that he didn’t really need it.


h/t Ben Adler of Capital Public Radio for a nice report on Trump’s Skulk of Shame, including real time aerial video.twoshot

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  1. avatar kpminott says:

    I never want to forget this scene: the Secret Service cut away green wire fencing and then about 20 black-coated SS men and women hurried the Donald across a … what? … a drainage corridor. And, at a fast clip, ushered the Donald into the hotel’s basement where the Donald fixed his hair before trotting out to his spot before the microphone. Incredible! Wonderful re-enactment, Jerry! The [invisible] comb is a nice touch. And, btw, you two are having much too much fun at this GOP Convention! Good for you!! x, Kate

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