Shocker: Bernie Wins Michigan, Calbuzz Eats Crow


bernie_sanders_smile_ap_imgIn a shocking campaign development, it turns out Michigan voters actually like the really annoying finger-waving of Bernie Sanders that drives us crazy. That clearly is the most plausible explanation for the septuagenarian socialist’s stunning win on Tuesday night in a crucial state for Democrats.

Maybe a couple other things too:

That Sanders beat Clinton in Michigan by carrying white male voters, is rich in irony: how do you explain the successors to the Reagan Democrats of yore – hello, Macomb County – voting for a Jewish lefty from Brooklyn ?

Clearly, Hillary’s association with Bill Clinton’s push for the North American Free Trade Agreement, was a major negative in a state where thousands of jobs have since been exported to Mexico, Japan and South Korea.

But – and maybe it’s not nice to say it – perhaps the facts that she’s a woman and a fierce defender of Barack Obama had some effect.

Hillary’s Trade Deficit. Let’s look at the data, culled from network exit polls: Sanders beat Clinton 54-44% among men and 57-42% among whites. Clinton won 52-46% among women and 65-30% among blacks. Yet Sanders also won 53-46% among liberals while Clinton won 53-44% among moderates.

eating crowAccording to the exit polls — and this might be the single  most important data point — 58% of Michigan voters believe trade with other countries takes away U.S. jobs compared to 30% of say trade creates jobs. Among those anti-trade voters, Sanders beat Clinton 56-43% while pro-trade voters split 52-43% for Clinton.  (BTW: Donald Trump would hammer on this too in a state Obama carried in ’08 and ’12 and cannot afford to lose in November.)

Also, Bernie once again completely waxed Hillary among younger voters, 81-18%, finishing tens of thousands of votes ahead in and around Michigan and Michigan State universities. And he crushed her among independents, with 70% — another group Trump would appeal to). Consolation prize for Hillary: she was a big winner among seniors, a key Democratic constituency.

Bottom line: white men who oppose trade voted for Sanders. If he can carry those same voters in upcoming contests in Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin, he can do real damage to Clinton ’s campaign.

And yet, despite the bone-chilling message for Hillary, she ended the night winning more delegates than Bernie (she killed him in Mississippi), continuing her march to the nomination.

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  1. avatar david says:

    Didn’t Hillary win MI easily among registered Dems, but lost among independents who were permitted to vote in the Dem primary? That’s got to be part of the story. Also: why does the US Senate website (and Sanders’s @SenSanders Twitter) still identify him as an Independent? Is he a Democrat or not?

    • avatar I.F.Stone says:

      He is now a registered Democrat.

      But he was elected as an Independent so maybe that is why the Senate site remains unchanged.

  2. avatar tegrat says:

    Sanders clearly made some inroads among black voters compared to southern states, but obviously has a long way to go (the campaign spent nothing on Miss). Next Tuesday will be fun! The delegate math for Bernie is still rough, but it ain’t over yet, and clearly it’s best for him to remain in the race. The Clinton campaign was intimating that he should have conceded before yesterday…

  3. avatar patwater says:

    Yeah I hear you guys. Sanders reminds me of Ron Paul in the “I’m so consistent Bc I never had to actually be accountable for a decision” sort of way.

  4. avatar cbarney says:

    people don’t vote issues, they vote their gut, or so i read from political deep thinkers.

    so – hillary has heart, also a sense of humor. bernie has soul, and integrity. they both have brains. my gut says bernie, but either one will do.

  5. avatar tegrat says:

    okay but apparently CB has nothin about the last five blowouts. what gives?

  6. avatar tegrat says:

    oh wait, he’s a septuagenarian. good to know

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