Bachmann Thugs Block Off-Shore Oil Question


LOS ANGELES — Calbuzz is preparing its full report on the California Republican Convention for Monday, but our tender feelings were so wounded Friday night by Michele Bachmann’s jack-booted thugs – who prevented us from asking her a serious question – that we felt we couldn’t delay telling our readers about it, and letting you know what you can do to protest. .

In her speech to a delegate dinner, Rep. Bachman, who entered to a booming Elvis cover of Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land,” made it clear that she’s for oil drilling just about anywhere there’s a pool of black gold available.

“We have billions and billions of barrels of oil here in the United States — in the Atlantic, in the Pacific, in the Gulf region, the Bakken oil field [in North Dakota],” Bachmann said. “I’ve been up to ANWAR [in the Alaska wilderness]. I’ve seen. This is one of the most perfect places to drill. Drill! Why not. We’ve got it.”

Which begged the question, “So would you push for offshore oil drilling on the coast of California?” – a hot issue for any candidate presuming to campaign here.

So we and other reporters – many of whom wanted to ask the same question – moved to the front of the room when Bachmann left the stage, and tried to ask her about it. But Bachmann’s press Nazi, Alice Stewart, and three beefy security guys physically prevented Calbuzz from posing the question. (If you’re outraged, you can tell Ms. Stewart.)

The inevitable conclusion to be drawn; after her screw-up in Florida, where she advocated drilling in the Everglades, Bachmann’s people didn’t want her to step in it again. So they did whatever they had to to keep the candidate from actually hearing or responding to an actual question.

So, Calbuzzers, we are left with this: “in the Atlantic, in the Pacific…” means one thing – drill wherever, including off the California coast.

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  1. avatar tonyseton says:

    Thank you for so nobly throwing yourselves on the sword of fascism and incompetence that news-hungry ‘Mericans can learn the truth about the stonewalling prevaricators.

  2. avatar srlawton says:

    Did you get video of the incident? Thugs in action make for yummy blogging… ask Carla Marinucci!

  3. avatar chuckmcfadden says:

    I just conveyed my outrage to Ms. Stewart. Who do these guys think they are? What we need are beefy reporters.

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