Whores, Budgets, Huffing and Puffing on the Trail


When Jerry Brown whacked $71 million from the budget for the Division of Law Enforcement in the Attorney General’s office, Kamala Harris fumed that the cuts would  “cripple California’s statewide anti-gang and drug trafficking operations.”

Which surely was not Krusty’s intention. Naw, his target were those in league with the Los Angeles Police Protective League, which leaked the voice recorder message in which Anne Gust Brown some unidentified woman was heard referring to GOP rival Meg Whitman as a “whore.”

For those who may have forgotten, Whitman was still reeling from the revelation that she had employed and then kicked to the curb an illegal housekeeper named Nicky Diaz, when Brown was recorded on a message machine at the offices of the LAPPL, complaining that Alan Barcelona, head of the California State Law Enforcement Association, had cut a secret deal with Whitman to protect public safety pensions in exchange for law enforcement support.

After the call, someone in Brown’s office forgot to hang up the phone and some cross talk was recorded in Krusty’s campaign office in which it was suggested that Whitman was a “whore” for trading hands off cops’ pensions in exchange for an endorsement from the CSLEA.

As John Howard of the Capitol Weekly noted:

That incident drew wide attention during the heat of the rancorous gubernatorial campaign and figured in the televised debate last October between Brown and Whitman. CSLEA also spent $1.6 million to boost Whitman – which also rankled Brown.

To some, speaking privately, Brown’s budget cut looked like classic payback. “Why not? He’s got the budget cuts as cover,” said one Democrat. “But how would you ever know for sure?”

So, who does the $71 million budget cut affect? Hundreds of employees in the AG’s Division of Law Enforcement, including about 300 members of the CSLEA.

Imagine that. Political payback.

Oh no, Barcelona told Cap Weekly. “As far as retribution goes, I don’t think so. I don’t think he has it in his heart to do that. He’s looking to cut everywhere he can. But unfortunately, this one is really going to cost the citizens. I think you’re going to see a tsunami of crime roll across the state.”

Actually, it looks to us as if Krusty does have it in his heart to use his power to punish his enemies. As for rewarding his friends, you’ll have to ask Arturo Rodriquez of the United Farm Workers about that.

She Looks Okay to Us

Who wants to spend their summer in Iowa, trailing around whack job Republicans who will never be president of the United States? Young, ambitious, talented reporters like our pal Seema Mehta of the LAT, who gives us another reason why we’re glad we’re too old and worn down to be out on the campaign trail.

This from Seema’s Facebook page after she appeared in a New York Times photo:

“I was a sweaty pig by the time that pic was taken — had walked/ran alongside Bachmann for a mile, then ran back half a mile to follow Gingrich and then walked with him the rest of the parade. And it was HOT.”

Love the glam sunnies and the little recorder that looks just a bit like a taser — which might have been more useful. Remember Seema: What happens in Keokuk stays in Keokuk. But it’s a dateline  you must get.

Decline of the Criminal Mind, Chapter 86: Do you have anything to declare, ma’am?

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  1. avatar GeoHagop says:

    Given the $1.6B in new cuts to higher ed, I’d say you could multiply the cuts to drug trafficking operations by 100 and reap big savings on the back end: no need to pay for non-violent pot smokers in lockup. It’s a crime in search of a victim, other than those who are incarcerated and their families.

  2. avatar chuckmcfadden says:

    But what about the poor soul just over Newt’s left shoulder? She looks REALLY tired and sweaty. (I was going to say tired, hot, and sweaty, but thought the better of it…

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