Meyer’s Take: Brown vs. Brown for Governor


Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Tom Meyer returns to Calbuzz today with his unique jaundiced view of how the celeb chic pol who first ran for governor in 1974 matches up against the decrepit wizened septuagenarian who’s hitting the trail for one more campaign in 2010.

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  1. avatar HumboldtLiberal says:

    Unique? Jaundiced? No, it seems like a fairly middle of the road portrayal of Brown’s journey from peace-loving hippy to completely-bought-creature of the Prison Union to me.

  2. avatar sqrjn says:

    Why is Linda Rondstadt an alien?

  3. avatar ChartWestcott says:

    What’s up with the gut? Jerry is a lean guy and can do 10+ pullups.


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