Arnold Tries Again on T-Ridge & Rumors of the Week


offshoreGovernor Schwarzmuscle rolled out a new version of his twice-defeated plan for expanded offshore drilling Friday, but it’s tough to imagine his latest tweaks changing many minds.

Despite his 0-2 record in pushing for a lease to allow the PXP energy company to drill in state waters off the coast of Santa Barbara, Arnold doggedly added the Tranquillon Ridge offshore oil project to his just released, ugly budget plan.

As a financial proposal, the much chronicled project (memo to those who’ve been sightseeing in Albania since May: see Calbuzz archive) is intended to generate a quick, couple hundred million bucks for the recession ravaged state treasury. Politically, however, Schwarzenegger must overcome the passionate and visceral opposition to offshore drilling which reflects longstanding California environmental policy.

The project was voted down by the State Lands Commission early last year, then rejected by the Legislature at the end of the long summer budget battle. Now Schwarzenegger is trying again, tarting up the proposal politically with some key tactical changes:

Process: The budget plan calls for T-Ridge to be sent back to the State Lands Commission for rehearing.

The change is crucial, because reconsideration by the lands commission is exactly what the faction of environmentalists who back the project, led by Santa Barbara’ Environmental Defense Center, have been seeking, as an alternative to Schwarzenegger muscling the matter through the Legislature. His move instantly paid off in the form of a quick EDC statement in support of the governor’s latest plan:krop_lg

“We look forward to the opportunity to have this project reconsidered by the State Lands Commission,” said Linda Krop, EDC’s chief counsel, expressing “appreciation” to the governor. “Reconsideration by the State Lands Commission is the only process that we support to address this unique proposal.”

Despite the new process, however, Schwarzenegger’s budget document also states that if the drilling plan is “not approved by the Commission, legislation will be necessary,” making it clear that he will take another run at the Legislature if state lands turns it down again.

Abel Maldonado: The administration’s clear political calculation is that  Senator Abel Maldonado, whom Schwarzenegger has nominated for  Lieutenant Governor, would vote for the measure on the lands commission.

The Lite Gov is one of three members of the commission, and John Garamendi, the former occupant of the office who was recently elected to Congress, cast the deciding vote against PXP’s plan last year. Although Maldonado also voted against it as a state senator, his well-earned reputation for political opportunism makes it not unlikely he’d see things the governor’s way if the Legislature confirms him.

State Parks: The money generated by the PXP project would be earmarked for state parks, many of which were slated for closure last year, until Schwarzenegger reinstated funding. By tying the new lease to parks financing, he forces a choice for the lesser of two environmental evils.

Pedro-Nava“The governor has truly sunk to a new low, by making the parks system, the jewel of California, reliant on new offshore oil drilling,” said Assemblyman Pedro Nava, who has led legislative opposition to the drilling proposal.

Warming to his task, Nava said that linking parks and offshore oil was like “offering a rent reduction to a victim of domestic violence in exchange for forcing them to go back and live with the abuser.”

That little vein in his ample forehead throbbing vigorously, he added:

“If anybody thinks there wasn’t an agreement reached by Abel Maldonado (with Schwarzenegger) then think again. This is one of the most cynical acts I’ve ever seen.”

Beyond the PXP conflict, the offshore debate is certain to become even more combative this year with the introduction by Republican Chuck DeVore, an Orange County assemblyman and contender for the U.S. Senate nomination, of legislation to effectively open up the entire California coastline to new drilling.devore

DeVore said his plan, which would impose a 40 percent royalty on offshore oil and natural gas extraction, could generate as much as $16 billion by 2011: “My proposal generates billions of dollars this year, when California needs it most,” he said.  “Allowing new offshore leases under this plan prevents cuts to education, public safety and other government services.”

T-Ridge and the DeVore measure are the latest examples of the intertwined politics of the economy and the environment moving center stage in 2010 campaigns.  Check back on Monday for more on this development.

Rumors of the week: Calbuzz hears that Steve Cooley, L.A.’s hardass, three-term district attorney, plans to jump into the Republican race for Attorney General, perhaps as early as next week.

SteveCooley_picCooley’s entry would be a game-changer in the race, giving the GOP a top-drawer candidate with a good chance to win statewide office. Cooley also offers a sharp contrast to Democratic front-runner Kamala Harris, the San Francisco district attorney who’s against the death penalty and  embroiled in controversy over a program to funnel illegal immigrant felons into a jobs program instead of prison.

Add rumors: We got no inside info on this one, but we won’t be surprised if GOP wannabe governor Tom Campbell announces a switch to the Senate soon after his impending return from his Panamanian vacaciones. Bill Whalen’s got a good post looking at the implications of such a move.

Quote of the week:* Our pal Alan Mutter, noted media analyst and Chicago deep dish pizza aficionado, was interviewed by the New York Times for a story about the struggle of newspaper owners against the rise of the web, and replied:

“One of the problems is newspapers fired so many journalists and turned Mutterthem loose to start so many blogs,” Mr. Mutter said. “They should have executed them. They wouldn’t have had competition. But they foolishly let them out alive.”

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  1. avatar paul says:

    It’s frustrating and hard to believe that some of the enviros in Santa Barbara are willing to jeapordize coastal protection statewide in order to get PXP to buy them some busses, some land, and promise to shut down the oil drilling sometime next decade. Taken in a vacumn, those things all sound pretty good. But once you pimp-out the coast once, in the future you’re just negotiating the cost – everyone already knows you’ll give it up for the right price.

    Perhaps next year is becomes “oil drilling off the North Coast to fund Education”, or something totally sweeping like the DeVore bill. Once you let the camel’s nose into the tent, you know how it’s going to end…

    Anyone who thinks you really can have a “unique” circumstance in a situation like this should look at the exemptions to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in the Governor’s budget. Last year there was “unique” exemption from CEQA to build an NFL stadium in SoCal: this year the Governor is proposing that dozens of CEQA projects be exempt from legal challenge. There is a big ugly camel in here, and it’s going to be real hard to get it back out.

    The fact that local Assembly candidate Das Williams is backing this expanded drilling for PXP indicates either a staggering naïveté of state politics, or an incredible political opportunism in trying to ride this issue to Sacramento. Either way, he should stay in Santa Barbara where he can’t inflict damage on the rest of California.

  2. avatar shewaa1 says:

    Why do all the enviro’s act like this is the first drilling offshore California in 40 years? In California waters yes, but just outside the 3 mile line Oil Companies have been drilling for years and are right now. The Feds are just sucking up there share of the $$$. Now here is a deal that will bring $$$ to California and put an end to those Platforms.
    So not to rain on your parade , but drilling is going on right now , closer to Santa Barbara than the T- Ridge Project is…

  3. avatar pedronava says:

    In case people don’t think there are real world consequences to the EDC/PXP proposal, take a look at what happened to funding for African-American babies when the Governor didn’t get his way last time. This from Sunday’s LATimes:

    Schwarzenegger eviscerated funding for the Black Infant Health Program, one…important to Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles), after Bass failed to deliver approval of new offshore oil drilling as they’d agreed.

    One correction, Bass never agreed to deliver approval of the EDC/PXP deal. I was allowed to mount the opposition that killed it the last time. So for those who express appreciation to the Governor for bringing this mess forward yet again-don’t be so fast to congratulate yourselves.

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