Richie Ross: iWar on eMeg on eBay is Big Fun


By Richie Ross800px-EBay_Logo.svg
Special to Calbuzz

There aren’t many people having fun in politics anymore.

Just when I was resigning myself to this terrible reality along comes a group of women lawyers who represent women who get injured at work.

True, that’s an unlikely source of a genuinely fun idea.

But they saw a great irony in the campaign for governor: Meg Whitman, the only woman running, only praises the current Governor (of her own party) for his only achievement – workers compensation reform. The irony is that Arnold’s big achievement legalized discrimination against women with any sign of osteoporosis or any genetic predisposition to things like hypertension.

So what’s funny about that?

eMeg says her eBay auctions have empowered thousands of women who sell stuff for their own kitchen-table businesses. So why not raise money from women to help a Democratic candidate who will undo Arnold’s gender discrimination that the only woman candidate thinks is great?

But where’s the fiwarun?

The attorney group named their fundraising effort “Injured Women After Reform” and shortened it to “iWar on eBay.”

Clever name. Nice logo. Are we having fun yet?

The group has begun collecting items for their eBay auction site, starting with a copy of voter registrar’s documents showing eMeg’s famous non-registration record, along with a nice narrative of her spotty voting habit.

Bids open at $250 for this historical document. C’mon, that’s serious fun. You can bid onrichieross it.

iWar on eBay.com.

Richie Ross’s proposal for baseball arbitration to solve Calfornia’s budget wars is looking really, really good.

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  1. avatar tonyseton says:

    He may have good ideas, when he comes out from under the umbra of his immense ego, but he certainly can’t write.

  2. avatar Silent Sleuth says:

    I haven’t heard about this before. How, exactly, does workers comp reform legalize discrimination against women? Do you mean that a woman who suffers a back injury at work but has any level of osteoporosis will not be paid?

    • avatar pjhackenflack says:

      The comp reform (SB 899) passed in 2004 allowed an injury to be “apportioned” to other factors besides what happened at work. So yes, if a man and a woman both blow out their back lifting the same box but the woman has some level of osteoporosis her injury will be compensated at a lower level than the man’s.

  3. avatar luis fernando says:

    Yes this is funny! Discriminated women? This is certainly a joke. It should be disgruntle unemployed attorneys….of witch are mostly guys claiming to be girls. There claims are a far stretch from the truth and what is funny is that Whitman has nothing to do with the legal decisions on Workers Comp law.

  4. avatar sqrjn says:

    SB899 and recent WC case law allows apportionment to Any underlying pathology. That the system doesn’t take into account the correlation between gender and frequency in the population of any particular disease, is discriminatory? The only pathology you can’t apportion to is pregnancy. Thats a solid example of WC gender discrimination against men. Who wants to join my new group?

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