Parsky Plan is Half Baked, Says Biz Roundtable Rep


kool_aid_man_glassCalbuzz, a glutton for angst, watched online much of the final meeting of the Commission on the 21st Century Economy and simply could not believe how arrogant and high-handed chairman Gerald Parsky and his trusty allies were – including alleged Berkely liberal Chris Edley, who seems to have chugged the Parsky Kool-Aid (what’s he want anyway? a Schwartzpants appointment to the high court?).

Because some of the lefty commissioners had demanded it, the staff had to produce an analysis of the total impact of the commission’s proposed recommendations on California taxpayers and guess what? The 10 million taxpayers making less than $50,000 would pay $100 million more in taxes while the 7 million taxpayers who make more than $50,000 would get $6.8 billion in tax cuts. Exactly as Jean Ross wrote on Calbuzz today.

Unfortunately, you can’t find that analysis easily. The data are there, split apart and hidden in a staff analysis posted here. Does Parsky, the Republican poobah running the commission for Gov. Schwartzmuscle, give a damn? Not a chance, the putz. He still maintains the process has been open – even though the final recommendations – which he now says will only be for the Legislature to “seriously consider” their ideas – are not in written form and won’t be available to the public until after they’re circulated to commissioners for their signature!

Santa Cruz County Treasurer and former Assemblyman Fred Keeley announced he won’t be signing and by our Calbuzz count, we expect that four or five other commissioners will liHauckColorkely not sign. The most damaging likely non-signer for Parsky: Bill Hauck, president of the California Business Roundtable, who said the impact of the proposed business net receipts tax (BNRT) on businesses small and large is totally uncertain.

“This,” he said diplomatically, “ is an idea that is nowhere near cooked.”


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