Memo to Calitics: Thanks for the Link


friedrich-engels1To: Calitics Commissar David Dayen
From: Useful Idiots Phil and Jerry
Re: Your infantile disorder

When we read your hissy fits about Calbuzz’s coverage of the Parsky Commission, the words of Friedrich Engels came to mind:

“What childish innocence it is to present one’s own impatience as a theoretically convincing argument!”
(Programme of the Blanquist Communards)

As regular readers of Calitics, we admire your passion, if not your common sense. But let’s be clear that our mission at Calbuzz is quite different than the ideological ranting that is your stock in trade: it’s called “journalism.”

Let’s be blunt: You knew bupkus about the maneuvering and politics unfolding behind-the-scenes at the tax commission until we started covering it. To attack us for digging out the story is to mistake the map for the territory, using the same kind of tiresome, rigid,  WATB ideological projections as you decry in the Yacht Party.

Unlike you, we don’t pretend, to ourselves or anyone else, that we know enough about economics, tax policy or public finance to lecture our readers about such matters or tell them What Is To Be Done. (You don’t either, but we’ll leave that between you and your comrades for your next self-criticism session.)

We see our job as ferreting out the facts of what’s going on politically with policy-makers; with all due respect to our MSM and online colleagues, there simply hadn’t been a hard look at the commission’s work, and the strategies behind it, before we started reporting on it a few weeks ago.

That you would have remained clueless about what was happening there, and would therefore have nothing to throw your little temper tantrum about, is to underscore the huge difference between the Calbuzz brand of political reporting and what Lenin would call the left-wing “infantile disorder” that defines Calitics.

As you’ll recall, this fundamental contradiction came fully into view at the Democratic convention, when your netroots pals couldn’t stop slobbering over Barbara Boxer at her press conference, while we old guys just did that old boring thing of asking her hard questions.

We’re just sayin’.

P.S. We’ll leave to others the task of analyzing your obsessive use of the words “fetish” “fetishism” and “fetishistic,” which is probably a matter best dealt with in therapy. You might consider asking our in-house political psychiatrist, Dr. P.J. Hackenflack, for some help.

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  1. avatar Young Moderate Dem says:

    Thank you Calbuzz, for bringing a little sanity to this coverage. I’m a long time reader, first time commenter, but I felt motivated to write after reading that Calitics post earlier today. As a young moderate dem, I often grow tired of reading the ideological hyperbole on super partisan sites like Calitics that tend to huff and puff until my eyes glaze over. It’s good to know that there are still a few guys out there–even if they are old–who can cover the state with a sane eye and a snarky sense of humor.

  2. avatar Adelaides Lament says:

    I so agree with YMD above. There are so many sites out there on the intertubes right now that just either aggregate other people/journalists’ reporting or merely parrot the talking points of their ideology. Calbuzz hasn’t been around long but these guys are clearly working their crackberries, if not their shoe leather, to death getting real information.
    Before the election, I was proud to call myself a progressive – now I wouldn’t claim that to anyone. The progressives have gone bananas expecting everything the No New Taxes and Bomb Bomb Bomb crowd screwed up to get fixed in less than 6 months. They’re shrill, immature and frankly pretty embarrassing. Grow up Dems!
    Thanks, Calbuzz – keep up the good work!

  3. avatar Marie Lakin says:

    This reminds me of what veteran Sacramento reporter Timm Herdt told me once when complaining about the proliferation of blogs which pirate the work of others while newspaper reporters get laid off. “Who is going to be left to do the reporting?” he asked.

    There are those of us who have earned our stripes as journalists who have also discovered blogging and it is tempting to get uppity about our pedigrees. However, sites like Calitics have been very successful at ferreting out good information long before anyone else gets it, albeit with a distinctly progressive point of view.

    But blogging is just our little hobby, isn’t it? There’s no money in it. Despite the proliferation of online ads here all of a sudden. I bet you guys aren’t making enough to pay for your daily Starbucks.

  4. avatar patwater says:

    Hey, you guys pwned those kids. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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