Early Returns Show Key Trends in Calbuzz Pool


As excitement over Tuesday’s special election neared fever pitch, the Calbuzz Department of Survey Research reported that more than 40 percent of those entering the site’s Plenty of Free Parking Election Night Pool predicted Prop. B would score the strongest among five budget measures on the ballot.

In response to Question #1, which asked entrants to rank the order of finish of the five budget props, Calbuzzers offered 15 different combinations, with only three sequences winning support from at least two entrants. The most popular sequence, submitted by 25 per cent of those entering was:

Prop B
Prop A
Prop D
Prop E
Prop C

On Question #2, which asked the final percentage vote on Prop. F, aimed at denying pay raises to state officials in years of deficit, predictions ranged from 22 percent to 83 percent, with a large majority of Calbuzzers saying the measure would win somewhere between 63 and 79 percent.

As for the tiebreaker, predicting voter turnout for the election, entries ranged from 15 percent to 42 percent.

The margin of error is zero. More later.

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