Best Bets for Tuesday’s Prop. 8 News


The California Supreme Court has announced it will issue its landmark decision in the Proposition 8 gay marriage case at 10 a.m. Tuesday. The court’s web site says the opinion will be immediately available here.

For the view on the breaking news from the anti-Prop. 8/pro-gay marriage side, check out our friends at Calitics, React from the pro-Prop. 8/anti-gay marriage proponents will be here.

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  1. avatar DAVID says:

    Perhaps not coincidentally, when the Sacramento Bee posted “this just in” breaking news item — there was NO[!] ‘Comments from Readers’ section appended thereto. This was a good move, since The Bee might have opened itself to some rather unflattering name calling and class actions from readers wishing for that newspaper to just remain suitable for traditional family readerships.

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