Garamendi Jumps to Race for Congress


John Garamendi

The final tip-off that John Garamendi wasn’t going to run for governor came when Greg Lucas asked him on California’s Capitol this week about his first quarter fundraising and the lite gov gave some weasly, rambling, agri-answer about planting and reaping and sowing and harvesting or some such.

Last night, Garamendi spokesman Peter B. Collins made it official, announcing his guy would seek the 10th Congressional District seat being vacated by Ellen Tauscher, who got tapped for an administration job by Obama.

As for the political implications for the governor’s race of Garamendi taking a hike, well, there aren’t many, as Calbuzz reported a few weeks ago.

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Get a job, John.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    JG: The first quarter is always the worst quarter. We did not even attempt to make the first quarter a major fundraising quarter. I grew up in agriculture and I know you have to plant the seeds before you harvest the crop. This is the time to plant the seeds. We’ll harvest in June and in the fall. And then this economy coming off the election cycle. This is the planting season not the harvesting season.

    Great job John. You’re a dishonest farmer.

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    I saw John G’s “performance” (sic.) at the recent International Ag Festival in Tulare a few months ago. [Fresno’s ABC-TV affiliate has the tape]. This was a farmer talking issues with many other foreign — oops! make that: INTERNATIONAL — ag colleagues for which JOHN G was “scripted”! How gouche! Perhaps still not ready for prime time?

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