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Early Returns Show Key Trends in Calbuzz Pool

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

As excitement over Tuesday’s special election neared fever pitch, the Calbuzz Department of Survey Research reported that more than 40 percent of those entering the site’s Plenty of Free Parking Election Night Pool predicted Prop. B would score the strongest among five budget measures on the ballot.

In response to Question #1, which asked entrants to rank the order of finish of the five budget props, Calbuzzers offered 15 different combinations, with only three sequences winning support from at least two entrants. The most popular sequence, submitted by 25 per cent of those entering was:

Prop B
Prop A
Prop D
Prop E
Prop C

On Question #2, which asked the final percentage vote on Prop. F, aimed at denying pay raises to state officials in years of deficit, predictions ranged from 22 percent to 83 percent, with a large majority of Calbuzzers saying the measure would win somewhere between 63 and 79 percent.

As for the tiebreaker, predicting voter turnout for the election, entries ranged from 15 percent to 42 percent.

The margin of error is zero. More later.

Campbell’s Budget Term Paper Challenges Whitman, Poizner Rhetoric

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

campbellStaking a claim as the candidate of substance and specificity, wannabe Republican governor Tom Campbell Sunday night released a 3,131 word proposal detailing how he would deal with the state’s budget mess.

The moderate Campbell faces an uphill fight against party rivals Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner, two candidates who are expected to be far better funded and who are competing with each other to run to the political right to pander, er, um, woo the very conservative GOP primary electorate. His calculation in setting out an extremely specific budget plan, always a problematic campaign play that can trap a candidate in his own numbers, is that it positions him to challenge and scoff at the tough talk of Whitman and Poizner as empty rhetoric that does not stack up to his straight-talking, real world proposals.

“I challenge anyone who wishes to lead our state out of this crisis to offer at least as much detail as I have,” Campbell said in the statement posted on his web site. “This is not a time for vague generalities, or declaring anything off limits.”

Although similar in many ways to Governor Schwarzenegger’s most recent proposals, Campbell’s term paper is notable in:

  • Calling for a 15 percent salary giveback from state employees, for a savings of nearly $3 billion; if public employee unions do not agree with the reduction, he said he would furlough as many state workers as necessary to get the same result.
  • Raising the gas tax by 32 cents a gallon for one year, in the event Propositions 1C-1E do not pass on Tuesday, deepening a $15 billion deficit to $21 billion, in order to avoid deeper cuts in K-14 schools and community college districts.
  • Rejecting the governor’s proposals to sell off state properties, “borrow” $2 billion from local governments and accelerate tax payments, all of which he described as one-time gimmicks that will not address California’s structural deficit.

Campbell is scheduled to debate the special election budget props with Insurance Commission Poizner in Sacramento Monday. Whitman declined to join the debate, presumably to have drinks with Fred Barnes.

Calbuzz Election Poll: Win Big Prizes, Plenty of Free Parking

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

With the special election carrying less suspense than a Globetrotters game, here’s a contest designed to give Calbuzzers a rooting interest to stay awake through the 11 o’clock news Tuesday.

Email your answer to these three questions (mail to: Calbuzz) to qualify for Big Prizes; you need not (in fact you better not) be present to win; friends and family members of Calbuzz employees are TOTALLY eligible to win.

1-List the order of finish for Propositions 1A-1E, with the measure with the highest “yes” vote first and the measure with the lowest “yes” vote last. Include your guesses for the percentage of “yes” votes for each.

Prop 1C – 97% Yes
Prop 1D – 95% Yes
Prop 1A – 93% Yes
Prop 1E – 91% Yes
Prop 1B – 3% Yes

2-What is the final, election night, statewide percentage vote on Proposition 1F? Example:

Yes 12%
No 88%

3-(Tiebreaker) What will be the statewide turnout figure provided by Secretary of State Debra Bowen?

1st Prize: 1 free rant. Overall winner gets 500-word “I’m just sayin’” rant on the subject of his or her choice published on Calbuzz. Plus: 2 Free “I’m a Calbuzzer” buttons.

2nd Prize: 1 copy each of “Movers and Shakers: The Study of Community Power” and “Never Let Them See You Cry: A Biography of Dianne Feinstein” by Calbuzzers Phil Trounstine and Jerry Roberts, respectively. Plus: 1 free “I’m a Calbuzzer” button.

3rd Prize: 2 copies each of “Movers and Shakers” and “Never Let Them See You Cry” or 1 free “I’m a Calbuzzer” button, depending on what the judges feel like giving away.

All entries must be received at Calbuzz World Marketing Headquarters and Storm Door Company by 6 pm Tuesday, May 19. Thanks for playing!

Surf’s Up: Arnold’s Remake Bombs and More

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Wildermuth_mugCalbuzz webgems of the week: In his previous incarnation, Gov. Arnold made a lot of money doing action movie sequels, but his political remake on the issue of a state rainy day fund is way over the line in its shameful stealing from the original, as John Wildermuth shows in this take-down from his Chronicle blog, COMPLETE WITH CAPITAL LETTERS.

For those still confused about next Tuesday’s ballot props, even after the 12th or 13th reading, it may help to get out of the weeds and just decide based on who’s for and against them, in which this case this new site offers a useful guide to endorsements pro and con.

One of the most frequently heard charges on behalf of Prop. 1B, and of education funding in general, is that California ranks at the bottom of per-pupil spending among all states, but GOP wannabe governor Tom Campbell brings his gimlet eye to bear in debunking that claim.

Congressional Quarterly takes an early look at the 2010 governor’s race in this state of play piece. While mostly a rehash, it does have a nice nugget in the last graf – talk about burying the lede – in noting that the senior senator from California is fronting a Capitol Hill softball team called “Never Say Di.”

Lots of excitement at UC Merced in advance of First Lady Michelle Obama’s scheduled commencement address there Saturday; unfortunately, lots of cost overruns too, as reported by Scott Jason of the Sun-Star, which may not go down well in the wake of the UC Regents raising tuition yet again because of the budget mess. UCSB students meanwhile have gotten off the beach to protest cuts in programs like tutoring and counseling.

Calbuzz isn’t sure whether our recent rant helped spur Meg Whitman to start granting more interviews, but this kissy-poo encounter with Orange County Register blogger Martin Wisckol shows her Megness is already pointing toward the general election, though how exactly her plan to run California like an overseas sweat shop will attract “women, Hispanics and 18-25 year olds” ain’t exactly clear.

Dr. Hackenflack Answers Your Questions

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


Dr. P.J. Hackenflack, Calbuzz staff political psychiatrist, has received a boat-load of letters from anxious Californians. At the urging of the Calbuzz Senior Executive Advisory Board, he agreed to share a few with our readers.

Dear Dr. Hackenflack,
I heard somewhere that Gavin Newsom had a bitter falling out with a former top aide. What was that all about?
— Tom A., Sacramento
They had a rather strong disagreement on the issue of heterosexual marriage.

Hey Doc,
Antonio Villaraigosa said he was too busy solving LA’s budget problems to attend the Democratic convention in Sacramento, but he found time to go to the White House correspondent’s dinner. What gives?
— John B. San Francisco
He preferred spending Saturday night with Demi Moore instead of Debra Bowen.

Dear Dr. H,
Some people say Jerry Brown is too damn old to be governor again. How old is he anyhow?
— Garry in South Park
I’ll let you know when the carbon dating results come back.

My Dear Doctor Hackenflack,
These ballot propositions are, like, totally confusing? And my little sister keeps pressuring me to, like, make up my mind about them? And she wouldn’t stop until she totally stressed me out about it? What should I do?
— Dianne in DC
Never let them see you cry.

Am I crazy or does Steve Poizner look like the guy playing Spock in the new Star Trek movie?
— L. McCoy, Beverly Hills
Are you out of your Vulcan mind? I’m a doctor, not a casting director.

Greetings Dr. H,
Meg Whitman is coming to speak to my Rotary Club next week, but a friend said that if I try to ask her a question, I might get tasered. Should I risk trying to get an answer?
— Kevin in Cucamonga
No worries – since you’re not with the press, her advisers will probably only have their tasers on stun.

Dear Dr. Hackenflack,
What does Tom Campbell like to do for fun?
— B. Herschensohn, L.A.
He curls up with the Collected Works of Milton Friedman and swills green tea.

Many Californians feel the Legislature showed they weren’t serious about budget cuts when they refused to axe the Integrated Waste Management board, a dumping ground that gives huge salaries to burned-out hacks. What’s your view?
— Jon in Flashattan
Where do I apply?

Dr. Hackenflack,
Governor Schwarzenegger says that if voters don’t approve his ballot props, the state will burn down. Is he really serious?
— Barbara S. Los Olivos
Serious? When was the last time you watched Terminator 2?