Calbuzz: The Go-To Site for California Politics

Named by the Washington Post as the best non-partisan site about politics in California, Calbuzz has established a reputation as the leading insiders’ guide to the power brokers, policies and personalities shaping campaigns and governance in the state.

Calbuzz has twice been named among the top 100 sources of influence in California politics by Capitol Weekly. Within just one year on the web, Calbuzz earned a Google Page Rank 6 – concrete evidence of the go-to quality of the site. That ranking remains to this day. Movers and shakers click on Calbuzz daily.

Calbuzz offers original content that combines exclusive scoops, breaking news, and the sharpest political analysis in California – plus original commentaries by top political players and the off-beat insights of staff psychiatrist PJ Hackenflack. It’s intelligent and funny at the same time.

Calbuzz, as the Ventura County Star put it, is “smart and lively, and definitely worth a regular read for those who follow California public affairs.”

From its inception, Calbuzz has offered up a steady diet of high-impact news and original analysis. Agenda-setting posts included analysis of why Dianne Feinstein wouldn’t run for Governor, an exclusive look at how Republican lawmakers tried to “drive California off the cliff” in the 2010 budget crisis, the first interview about the 2010 governor’s race with Jerry Brown, and the most in-depth and detailed reporting on the burgeoning political reform movement in the state.

Calbuzz is produced by two of California’s top journalists and media insiders: Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine.

Jerry is the former political editor, editorial page editor and managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and author of “Never Let Them See You Cry,” a biography of Senator Feinstein. He formerly was top editor at the Santa Barbara News Press, and adviser to the UCSB Daily Nexus newspaper He hosts a public affairs TV show in Santa Barbara, where he writes a weekly columns for the Santa Barbara Independent and the Montecito Messenger.

Phil, a communications consultant for select clients, pollster and political writer, worked for many years as the political editor of the San Jose Mercury News, covering local, state and national politics. He formerly served as communications director for California Governor Gray Davis and was the founder and director of the Survey and Policy Research Institute at San Jose State University. He is co-author of “Movers and Shakers: The Study of Community Power.”

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