Road Trip! Calbuzz Saddles Up for Dem Confab


cleavon2Once again, your valiant but aged Calbuzzers saddle up to ride into the psychobattle that is the California Democratic Party’s state convention this weekend – this time in Long Beach, known in the 1950s as “Iowa by the Sea.” (You could look it up!)

Sadly, Joe “Barack” Biden (who remains No. 1 and who, as the one candidate who worked for a black guy, has support among African American voters) and Elizabeth “I’ve Got a Plan for That” Warren (the darling of Rachel Maddow Democrats) won’t be there, deciding not to pitch themselves to the left-liberal cadre of Democratic activists who gather under the banner of the state party.

Too bad, since they are the leading advocates for the actual fissure in the Democratic Party: between those who crave bold structural change no matter the risk and those who want just to beat Donald Trump and return to normalcy, whatever that is.

But will there be drama? No doubt. Will it matter in the end? Not likely.

Wither Kamala? Not long ago, most pollsters, eggheads and political apparatchiks expected Favorite Daughter Sen. Kamala Harris to be the overwhelming choice among the California party delegates. But now that she’s slipped to 1% in New Hampshire, has loaded her forces into a last-ditch stand in Iowa and been exposed by national reporters as the personification of triangulation that Calbuzz warned about for years, Her Majesty Queen Kamala will be struggling to rally the home guard.

Will she announce billionaire Andrew Yang as her running mate? Why not? At least he’s got money.

Will Pete Buttigieg – mayor of South Bend, which is slightly smaller than Antioch, the 64th largest town in California – with his intelligence, poise and incrementalism, light a fire among non-white Democrats who thus far have eluded him? He may be surging in Iowa, but how about anywhere where black and Latino voters actually matter?

Will the Bernie Bots boo every mention of building on Obamacare, screaming Medicare For All or Bust!

How many L.A. Times reporters can squeeze into the Long Beach Convention Center? And how many work spaces can they claim in the press room where reporters will be watching the Saturday afternoon forum (not a debate mind you) that is set to include the aforementioned Buttigieg, Harris, Sanders and Yang along with Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer?

schiff2Even more interesting will be what Impeachment Czar Rep. Adam Schiff has to say Saturday morning (assuming events in DC allow him to leave), just before the etherial Marianne Williamson floats by, followed by John Delaney and Joe Sestak who are alleged candidates for president of the United States.

Importantly, will anyone challenge the ban on selfie sticks? (weird list of prohibited items here:)

And who will have the better bash – Teamsters, CTA or CNA?

Whatever happens when we are not napping, we’ll let you know. ABC (Always Believe Calbuzz).

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