Cruz Finally Tells Truth About Trump, Then Folds


cruzscrinchyfaceHours before Indiana Republicans forced him from the presidential race, Ted Cruz finally told the truth about Donald Trump, trashing him as an amoral, narcissistic, philandering, misogynistic pathological liar and bully.

Too late. Ted, who a few months ago sucked up to the New York reality TV star, now resumes his seat on the Senate’s back bench, and 99 colleagues groan in disgust.

In California, former California Gov. Pete Wilson, who endorsed Cruz last weekend, is left looking like a complete dweeb: “That old Wilson magic,” scoffed one veteran Sacramento insider. “Seventy-two hours after Pete endorsed him, Cruz ends his campaign.”

The loyal volunteers and activists who’d organized congressional districts for Cruz’s promised aggressive effort here emerge as chumps: “I guess the big winner is New York values,” Jon Fleischmann, publisher of the conservative Flash Report, a Cruz partisan and delegate candidate, wrote on Facebook. “And I don’t have to spend a bunch of money to go to Ohio in July.”

Not to mention the loathsome Carly Fiorina, Cruz’s political fantasy league running mate, who’s left holding a bag of Hoosier hog waste. Dammit, what a shame.

Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas: But let’s face it: Cruz helped create Trump. “I’m very glad that Donald Trump’s being in this race has forced the mainstream media finally to talk about illegal immigration,” he said in the second Republican debate. “I think that’s very important.”

During their bromance, Cruz also said: “A lot of the other candidates have gone out of their way to smack him with a two-by-four, said some really nasty, vicious things. I’ve sung his praises. He’s bold, he’s brash, and I think the support he’s gaining right now in the polls is because people are looking for someone willing to stand up to Washington.”

And in December Cruz tweeted: “The Establishment’s only hope: Trump & me in a cage match. Sorry to disappoint — @realDonaldTrump is terrific. #DealWithIt.”

But after Trump said that Cruz’s father had been a pal of Lee Harvey Oswald’s and was complicit in the JFK assassination – !!! – Lyin’ Ted finally erupted and spoke the blunt truth about the neofascist who wears an eagle’s nest atop his head. Historians may rank his epic rant right up there with Richard Nixon’s last press conference:

trumpatcagopJust for the record: I’m going to tell you what I really think of Donald Trump. This man is a pathological liar. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. And in a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook, his response is to accuse everybody else of lying.

He accuses everybody on that debate stage of lying. And it’s simply a mindless yell. Whatever he does, he accuses everyone else of doing. The man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. A narcissist at a level I don’t think this country has ever seen.

Donald Trump is such a narcissist that Barack Obama looks at him and goes, ‘Dude, what’s your problem?’ Everything in Donald’s world is about Donald. And he combines being a pathological liar, and I say pathological because I actually think Donald, if you hooked him up to a lie detector test, he could say one thing in the morning, one thing at noon and one thing in the evening, all contradictory and he’s pass the lie detector test each time. Whatever lie he’s telling, at that minute he believes it…

And another thing: This morning, Donald Trump went on national television and attacked my father. Donald Trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinating JFK,” Cruz told reporters during a news conference in Evansville, Indiana. “Now, let’s be clear, this is nuts. This is not a reasonable position. This is just kooky.

 And while I’m at it, I guess I should go ahead and admit, yes, my dad killed JFK, he is secretly Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa is buried in his backyard…

 Listen, Donald Trump is a serial philanderer and he boasts about it. I want everyone to think about your teenage kids. The president of the United States talks about how great it is to commit adultery. How proud he is. Describes his battles with venereal disease as his own personal Vietnam.

The man is utterly amoral. Morality does not exist for him. It’s why he went after Heidi directly and smeared my wife, attacked her. Apparently she’s not pretty enough for Donald Trump. I may be biased, but I think if he’s making that allegation, he’s also legally blind.

trumptowerPhallic envy: Cruz also said Trump’s insecurity is the reason why he “builds giant buildings and puts his name on them.”

Every one of us knew bullies in elementary school. Bullies don’t come from strength, bullies come from weakness. Bullies come from a deep, yawning cavern of insecurity. There is a reason Donald builds giant buildings and puts his name on them everywhere he goes. 

And I will say there are millions of people in this country who are angry. They’re angry at Washington, they’re angry at politicians who have lied to them. I understand that anger. I share that anger. And Donald is cynically exploiting that anger, and he is lying to his supporters. Donald will betray his supporters on every issue.

If you care about immigration, Donald is laughing at you. And he’s telling the moneyed elites he doesn’t believe what he’s saying. He’s not going to build a wall. That’s what he told The New York Times. He will betray you on ever you issue across the board. And his strategy of being a bully in particular is directed at women. Donald has a real problem with women.

Great stuff, Lyin’ Ted. Too bad it’s too little, way too late.

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  1. avatar GaryRJP64 says:

    Hey Pete Wilson, sometimes it’s better to stay silent and thought stupid than say something and remove all doubt, such as running for president in ’96 or endorsing Ted Cruz.

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