RIP Rick Orlov: He Lived and Breathed LA Politics


rickyRick Orlov, who died Monday at age 66, wasn’t just an ace veteran reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News, he was a relentlessly decent, talented and generous man who was, for 30 years, immersed in the bloodstream of L.A. politics.

Newsmen and women, politicians and consultants all admired and respected him for his devotion to his craft, his reportorial skill and his love of civic life. He didn’t interview subjects, he had conversations with people, on and off the record, using every bit of knowledge to shine light on the goings on at City Hall and in the politics of L.A. and California.

He was a fierce competitor as a newshound, but would share whatever he could with colleagues and friends. We were lucky enough to be among them.

Orlov, who had battled diabetes and had been on dialysis for years. He suffered a fall recently and had been hospitalized. He died of complications, his family reported. Born April 12, 1948, in Chicago, Orlov worked for Copley News Service in Los Angeles in the 1970s before moving to the Daily News in 1978.

“He was such an incredible part of the political landscape,” said L.A. consultant Bill Carrick. “He loved politics, the news and reporting. And for lots of people in L.A., he was the Daily News.”

We’ve lost one of the best. RIP Ricky.

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