PPIC Poll: Public Would Make Schools Taxes Easier


The latest survey from the Public Policy Institute of California contains some interesting data on gun control and immigration, but the most important finding in the survey – one that could impact public policy in a meaningful way — is the report that 57% of Californians support lowering to 55% the vote needed to pass local parcel taxes for public schools.

Yes, it’s worth noting that 65% of adults say government isn’t doing enough to limit gun violence, that 76% say illegal immigrants ought to have a path to citizenship and that 69% like Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposals.

But when it comes to changing policy in California in a way that would have a long-term impact, support for lowering the threshold for approving local measures for schools – a loosening of the straight jack that Prop 13 imposed 37 years ago – is the item the Legislature and governor ought to focus on.

Support among all adults for lowering that threshold from a two-thirds vote is higher today than it was in April 2011 (48%) and April 2009 (45%). More over, PPIC found, among public school parents, support is 65% — which suggests a ready-to-campaign core of voters who could push for a measure.

Partisan sentiments on the issue are what you’d expect: 60% among Democrats, 52% among independents and 46% among Republicans.

This – along with splitting the tax roll to allow commercial and industrial properties to be assessed at market value while protecting homeowners – is a battle worth fighting. And one that would have a long-term impact.

Gov. Brown, who has his own priorities with high-speed rail, water and energy, isn’t likely to lead on this issue. But neither is he likely to stand in the way if the Legislature were to take the lead.


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  1. avatar TomY says:

    This is quickly becoming a CAn-do state. Quicker than I would have ever dared possible.

  2. avatar cgulli says:

    Democracy! What a concept!

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