Tomorrow: The Calbuzz Board of Strategic Advisors


Dear Readers,

Just when you were asking yourselves – “Selves, is it possible that Calbuzz could be any more clever, insightful, smart-ass, snarky and sesquipedalian than it already is?” — here comes a fabulous new feature:

The Calbuzz Advisory Board of the World’s Leading Authorities on Practically Everything.

Yes, the news source that the Washington’s Post “The Fix” blog crowned the #1 political web site in California (yeah, yeah, we know it’s in alphabetical order) has recruited an All-Star Panel of 28 of the most intelligent, influential and innovative strategists in the state to share their wisdom, wit and wiseacre musings with our sagacious, smart and sophisticated audience.

Plenty of free parking.

Incurring Sparing no expense, we’ve assembled the most extraordinary source of  collective political knowledge since Thomas Jefferson dined out alone at Denny’s, a painstakingly selected A-List cast of Dems and Reps, women and men, commies and knuckledraggers, Keynesians and Hayekians,  dogs and cats, living together.

Starting tomorrow, when the Calbuzz California Consultanate will reveal the secret of Who Will Be the Next President of the United States, we’ll bring you regular features on the most pressing issues and questions of the day, synthesizing the consolidated, over-caffeinated thoughts and theories of an elite corps of Machiavellian schemers who will shape what you like to call your state political landscape in 2012 and beyond.

Be afraid to miss it. Very afraid.


Dr. P. J. Hackenflack
Executive Vice President for Marketing, Astrology and Political Psychiatry


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  1. avatar zenduck says:

    Professor Irwin Corey should be the next President.

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