Meg Chair Pete Wilson Trashed ‘Whores’ in Congress


After their candidate hid out for more than a week after the illegal housekeeper story broke wide open, the Armies of eMeg opened fire on Twitter Saturday, wondering where Jerry Brown was in the wake of the revelation that someone in his campaign office suggested calling Whitman a “whore” for selling out to the LA cops union.

“Still in hiding, @JerryBrown2010 skips his own “Day of Action” & refuses to take accountability. http://bit.ly/9bsDsM #cagov about 3 hours ago via web” tweeted sarapompei.

“@JerryBrown2010 last seen entering witness relocation program under new name Monsieur “Rayon de Lune” Details: http://bit.ly/9bsDsM #cagov about 3 hours ago via Seesmic twhirl,” said Murphy4MegNews and murphymike.

Rob Stutzman and Tucker Bounds chimed in, too. The hunt was on. And Team Krusty, after issuing an apology to Whitman and anyone in the known universe who might have been offended, was saying absolutely nothing in response to eMeg’s Wash-Your-Mouth-Out Campaign for Clean Speech.

But then, one of our faithful Calbuzzers – someone not tied to either governor’s campaign — sent us a Feb. 3, 1995 story from the San Francisco Examiner, recounting former Gov. Pete Wilson’s buoyant return to Sacramento after a five-day visit to Washington as he geared up to run for president.

Wilson, who as every schoolboy knows, is now Whitman’s campaign chairman, back then made national headlines with his critique of Congress, where he had served as a senator. Wrote Brand Ex-man Tupper Hull:

After learning that a federal judge had ruled California might be liable for up to $500 million in damages over its issuance of IOUs during a budget crisis in 1992, Wilson lashed out at Congress for having approved the Depression-era Fair Labor Practices Act.

“I don’t blame the judge; he is interpreting the law,” Wilson said during a speech before the National Association of Wholesalers Wednesday. “I blame the Congress for being such whores to public employees unions that they would pass that kind of legislation.”

Even in 1995, best we can recall, Congress included both men and women. We’re just sayin’.

More on whores: To offer a bit more context on the subject, we can report exclusively that a Google search of “political whore” yields 13,400 results, including links to sites called politicalwhore.com and politicalwhores.org , plus recent stories in which liberal Florida Rep. Alan Grayson called a top ranking federal reserve official a “K Street whore,” and conservative talk show host Jim Quinn termed the National Organization for Women (which endorsed Brown in the wake of his campaign’s slander about eMeg) the “National Organization of  Whores.” Let’s not forget P.J. O’Rourke’s classic political study, “A Parliament of Whores.”

As Sensitive New Age Digital Era guys, however, we cannot presume to opine one way or the other on the soundness of the views expressed in our own comments column by Calbuzzer Adelaides Lament, who self-describes as “a female and feminist” and who raises an interesting point:

…I’m offended by Meg’s vapors over the “can we call her a whore?” remark.

She can’t have it both ways. If she’s going to pass out every time somebody utters a bad word – or god forbid a sexist one – she’d spend all her time in Sacramento on the fainting couch.

Yes, selling out to the police officers union in a back room deal could well be referred to as “being in bed with” or even “whoring yourself out to” the union in trade for an endorsement.

If Meg really wants to be governor she’d be better off growing a pair and throwing away the smelling salts. Those boys in Sacto play rough.

Indeed they do, and a Calbuzz investigation suggests that they’ve been doing so at least since the days of Ronald Reagan’s governorship.

“How Ronald Reagan Governed California” an article in the January 17, 1975 edition of the National Review, no less a conservative publication, even suggests that the Gipper on occasion found some amusement in such matters. Recounting tense, high-level negotiations in 1971 over welfare reform between Reagan and then-Speaker Bob Moretti, the piece reports what happened when the talks at one point broke down:

An impasse was reached and one of the legislators, whose self-appointed role was to maintain an atmosphere that would encourage compromise, called for a recess and sent for food and drink. Warmed by his own hospitality and trying to put the situation in perspective, he commented: “It’s too bad the people elect an ideologue like Reagan. They should stick with political whores, like me.” His candor broke the ice and negotiations were resumed…

As journalists, of course, we long have been accustomed to being smeared and assailed in a whorish manner for, as the ironist Pierce Thorne has noted:

Journalists are like whores; as high as their ideals may be, they still have to resort to tricks to make money.

All of which goes to show that context is everything in political speech. And as Ronald Reagan knew, a sense of humor never hurts either.

LA Cops Flog a Bad Transcript: One more note on the “whore” incident. Calbuzz has in its hot hands a “certified copy” of the transcript of the  conversation that was taped by the answering machine at the offices of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, dated Sept. 21. It was transcribed by Lori Odell Kennedy of Kennedy Court Reporters Inc. We’re not sure how Ms Kennedy and the LAPPL (which has endorsed Whitman) came to the conclusion they did, but in this allegedly “certified” transcript, the person who speaks the words “What about saying she’s a whore,” is said to be J.B. (Jerry Brown). But anyone who listens to the recording can plainly hear that the speaker was NOT Brown.

One other problem: on the tape (and in the transcript), Brown says, “My first ad goes up tonight.” That would place the conversation on Sept. 6 or 7, not Sept. 21. Which would mean the cops had the tape for nearly a month before it was released. Wonder what they did with it?

BTW, we hear the LA Times wasn’t the only media outlet it was given to. Apparently Fox News also had the tape and passed on the story. But the real question Calbuzz has is this: Would the LA cops union intentionally put out a bad transcript trying to finger Brown for the comment? Hmmm.

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  1. avatar david says:

    “Of course I’m respectable — I’m old,” says Noah Cross (John Huston) in “Chinatown.” “Politicians, ugly buildings and whores all get respectable — if they last long enough.”

  2. avatar Reelpolitik says:

    I’ve been wondering how much of this sudden tape leak has to do with the success of the CCPOA web video: Bobblehead Meg (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmudJbnELoc).

    From what I understand — which is little in this life! — there’s no love lost between the head of LAPPL, Don Novey, and the current leadership of CCPOA (which Novey used to run).

    CCPOA launched a pretty successful web vid; going on 13k views in less than a week (pretty good for this race) and the next thing you know PPL is releasing secret tapes and making a splash.

    Perhaps the root of this is something my my mom used to tell me, “They’re just jealous.”

    • avatar Mitchell Rapp says:

      Novey has found a new brothel ran by CSLEA. Dictator Alan Barcelona (heard described on the tape as well) gives Novey more than $15,000 a month out of forced union members’ dues. For what is anyone’s guess.

      CSLEA = California Statewide LAW ENFORCEMENT Association. When will any media organization look at Penal Code 146(c) and CSLEA’s continued ongoing criminal enterprise? Hint: less than 20% are sworn voting members. But Meg touts and no one checks.

  3. avatar Adelaides Lament says:

    One can only imagine the language used at Meg’s campaign headquarters when the Allred-Diaz press conference was happening.
    But I’m sure that Meg stuck her fingers in her ears and sang lalala while her staff was dissing Gloria with some choice epithets.

  4. avatar Mark Paul says:

    Here we have the classic example of the gaffe as Mike Kinsley famously described it: A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.

    All the conversation about optics misses the real issue: The women who says she will reform pensions by standing up to the unions with “a spine of steel” has gone down on her knees for the PPL endorsement.

    The pension crisis is, at heart, about public safety employees. They have the fat, retire-at-50-with-3%-a-year pensions. They have the paychecks half again larger than cops and firefighters and prison guards elsewhere in the country. To say you won’t touch safety retirement is to announce you aren’t serious about the problem.

    On the right, the term for this is “squish.” But given that Meg’s position on this seems entirely transactional, the “whore” metaphor seems right on point. And given the tiny reward she traded her virtue for– the PPL endorsement!–it would have been more precise to call her a $2 streetwalker.

  5. avatar Adelaides Lament says:

    You’re right, Mark. The real issue is whether the candidates are serious about the issues – like immigration & pensions – or whether they’re just pandering to get endorsements and win votes.
    The most offensive part of all of this is how the state & national media made it a story about phony outrage and words you’re not supposed to use to describe girls. Especially during a time when the office of president has been so disrespected that party pols can call him a nazi facist socialist and get away with it.
    I worry that there are fewer and fewer actual journalists and more and more clowns who just want ratings. (Calbuzz represents the former btw)

  6. avatar Ernie Konnyu says:

    Hey Fellas! Let’s get to the obvious on this “whore” business! (Not that the obvious would ruin somewhat your column.) When “whore” is used coupled with any type of politics, it’s almost common insider usage. When “whore” is used in connection with an elite female candidate like eMeg, it automatically becomes inappropriate and offensive…therefore the Brown camp apology.

    What you should make a big deal of is eMeg selling out to the copperoos’ union on exempting them from her retirement reforms. I find that obscene and very, very disgusting!

  7. avatar gdewar says:

    This gaffe is like in Season 4 of the Simpsons (“Krusty Gets Kancelled”) when “Gabbo”, Krusty’s rival says “All the kids in Springlfield are SOBs!”

    Seriously though, it’s funny how no one seems to mind that Meg’s “let’s kick government workers in the teeth” tough rhetoric melted when she needed the police and firefighter’s endorsement. That’s leadership!

  8. avatar GeoHagop says:

    “selling out [to] the LA cops union,” I think you mean?

  9. avatar GeoHagop says:

    “Would the LA cops union intentionally put out a bad transcript trying to finger Brown for the comment? Hmmm.” Would a Pope wear a funny hat?

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