Right-Wing Body Snatchers Stole Carly’s Brain


At the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Carly Fiorina stood before the nation to sing the praises of GOP presidential nominee John McCain for his sponsorship of a cap and trade system of regulating greenhouse gas emissions that would “both create jobs and lower the cost of energy.”

Now that she’s running for a U.S. Senate seat from California, however, Hurricane Carly is not only bashing incumbent Barbara Boxer for embracing cap and trade, but also eagerly smooching the behind of any whack job establishment Republican who can help her, and in the process  foregoing all that boring science about climate change.

These days, she’s embracing the views of great statesman like Oklahoma GOP Senator James Inhofe, America’s best known climate change denier,  who warmly endorsed iCarly around the time she decided to throw in with the anti-evolution/magical thinking/Palin wing of the Republican party.

Trying to sort this extraordinary political contradiction, we’re delighted today to present the breakthrough scientific theory of Calbuzzer and world heavyweight champion editorial cartoonist Tom Meyer, who offers one possible explanation for how Carly’s turnaround came to be.

As seen on TV: Calbuzzers interested in purchasing a full color print of a Meyer cartoon can email Tom at tom@meyertoons.

The Aviator: Nice work by the AP’s Juliet Williams and Samantha Young in digging out details of Jerry Brown’s occasional use of the Attorney General’s state plane on official business.

The fact that Krusty legitimately flew three times on the state’s Wright Brothers-era prop plane is not exactly the scandal of the century, but it got a little traction, not only because it’s simple enough for TV airheads to understand, but also because of the way Brown constantly harps about his  frugality with taxpayer-funded perqs as a way of bragging on how cheap he is, in contrast to eMeg’s lavish tastes and lifestyle.

Team Whitman characteristically over-reached in reacting to the story, huffing and puffing with phony outrage while portraying it as a modern day Teapot Dome.

Despite this, AP’s scooplet worked as a hypocrisy gotcha, not because there was a lot of money involved, but because of the fact Brown never says anything substantive at all about the state’s budget mess, preferring to bob and weave with self-righteous talk about low-budget, symbolic issues like planes and limousines and his old bachelor apartment.

And this time, the cheesy tactic came back to bite him in the ass.

From the cutting room floor:

Unlike eMeg, we ain’t dumb enough to pick a fight with the nurses union.

Great graphic evidence of what really went wrong with Obama.

Week’s best Freudian analysis of the president, in a week filled with them.

Julian Assange call home: Terrific mashup of Wikileaks TV coverage.

In case you missed it: Big Weiner meltdown.

In case you missed it II: Weiner’s excuse – hey, I’m from New York.

Reading Calbuzz in 2009 you needn’t read the Bee in 2010.

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There are 5 comments for this post

  1. avatar Andy says:

    All that’s left for Carly is the 14th amendment…I’m sure it’ll come up

  2. avatar Adelaides Lament says:

    How many legislators does Meggie think stick around Sacramento on the weekends? She’s going to be talking to herself.

  3. avatar BigCahuna says:

    Agreed, CalBuzz.

    What’s most perplexing is how much of Carly’s rightward march has occurred AFTER she won the primary (or at least, had it in the bag).

    If memory serves, her first / most clear pronouncement on abortion was on the eve of the primary, when she already had a sizable lead.

    I can only conclude that she’s either (i) ignorant of how many right-wing GOP candidates have lost in CA, (ii) thinking somehow she’ll get a very high turnout among the rightwing while everyone else stays home, or (iii) really believes what’s she’s saying.

    In any case, I can only wonder why.

    The GOP lost one of it’s better opportunities to pick up a CA senate seat in 2010. This one is over.

  4. avatar Bob Mulholland says:

    Fiorina is consistent to be inconsistent on issues. She and her mentor, Sarah Palin, have a lot in common- both are jokes on the campaign trail.

  5. avatar chrisfinnie says:

    Inconsistency never bothers Republicans as long as you agree with them in the end. Let’s hope it bothers independent voters more.

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