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Before the City of Bell (“promoting a healthy, balanced and moral lifestyle”)  became a global  symbol of greed, rapacity and plunder by scumbag public officials, the town was best known as the site of the heist of 55 Oscar statuettes from a loading dock on March 8, 2000.

Although three trucking company employees were sentenced to probation in the case, all of them pleaded “no contest,” and their professions of innocence at various points in the proceedings suggested to Some Observers – we name no names – that they were set up to take the fall for the caper, while the real culprits remained at large.

Today Tom Meyer, internationally renowned editorial cartoonist, fashion plate and world class Calbuzzer, tackles the lingering mystery of the case, and with uncanny Holmesian intuition, solves it at last.

Not available in stores: Calbuzzers interested in purchasing a full color print of a Meyer cartoon can email Tom at tom@meyertoons.

Don’t be a jerk: Shortly after Roger Simon returned to work at Politico last month after a dreadful illness, he wrote a lovely little column on the subject of civility, specifically the lack of it in politics, called “Impolite Pols Face Doom.”

Perhaps inspired by his experience in cheating death, Simon riffed on a recent survey showing people across the nation rank “politics and government” as the most uncivil arena in American life,  with 72 percent of those polled saying it’s more rude and disrespectful than talk radio and high school, at 59 percent, Hollywood at 56 percent and even blogs, at 51 percent, all perceived as bastions of greater civility than The Game.

“Listen up, you morons,” Simon began:

We, as a people, pay a price for the jerks among us: Nearly half of all Americans say they are “tuning out” of government and politics, 46 percent are tuning out of opinion pieces and editorials in the media, and 38 percent are tuning out of news coverage and reporting.

His piece, and others on the same subject, came to mind when we received the latest copy of “Boxer Bites,” a regular emailed attack feature of Carly Fiorina’s campaign for Senate, and decided that, in a campaign year when spending millions on the low road is just table stakes, Hurricane Carly hands down wins the prize for absolute pure nastiness.

We’ve certainly done our share of ripping Babs for her arrogance and sense of entitlement, true that, but still, there’s  something vaguely creepy about the unrelentingly toxic tone of the constant ad hominem attacks coming out of iCarly’s corner.

From the Mean Girls cattiness she accidentally revealed with her comments about Boxer’s hair, to the sophomoric sarcasm of “Boxer Bites” and her overall habit of making criticisms more personal than political, Fiorina’s attitudes and language echo the caustic corrosiveness of Sarah Palin, even as  they recall the personal viciousness with which Carly set about to smash the civility and respectfulness of the “H-P Way” corporate culture when she moved in as CEO. An excerpt from Friday’s eblast:

Perhaps it’s good that Barbara Boxer is visiting an employment-training center today. As a career politician who has been in elected office for more than three decades, the transition back into the real world is likely to be a rocky one. Boxer may very well need some job-skills training in order to find new employment after the people of California fire her on Election Day. (After all, bitter partisanship and election-year grandstanding aren’t exactly marketable job skills in the real world).

As you would know better than almost anyone, Carly.

Notes from the cutting room floor

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And speaking of civility

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  1. avatar tonyseton says:

    You’re spot on about Fiorina’s nastiness. Her lack of civility, her lack of dignity, seem to have no bounds. Her catty remarks — through a shill — when Tom Campbell entered the race were completely inappropriate, especially to a man who has epitomized civility in every race he’s run. If Babs had any smarts, she’d straighten up, lose some of her brash-‘n-shrill, and head back to Washington in a walk.

  2. avatar Bob Mulholland says:

    For 5 years Fiorina has been looking for a job and no one in the private sector will hire her. Only Fiorina knows how many companies she has applied to for a job and been rejected. HP certaintly won’t recommend her to anyone, not after firing her in 2005.

  3. avatar Ernie Konnyu says:

    Wow! Only one day passed before another groundless Calbuzz hit on Carly. Her Calbuzz “sin” was standard political fare about her opponent. If your ideology dictates that you have to hit her for something at lest come up to Calbuzz standards.

    And the Mulholland comment is laughable in the face of facts. It’s been widely publicized that Carly was on the board of directors of a couple of corporations and that her income last year exceeded a miilion. That’s pure political fraud Bob Mulholland. You are embarassing all Demos with your nonsense!

    • avatar SezMe says:

      Speaking of embarrassment (note correct spelling) claiming sitting on some boards constitutes a job sure makes one cringe.

      Her income exceeded a mil? Good for her. It could easily accumulate to that through deferred payments and investment income. It does not constitute evidence of work.

      Wow! Two days in a row Ernie has laid an egg. Well, at least he’s productive.

  4. avatar chrisfinnie says:

    I do a lot of phone banking and canvassing for candidates. Have done for years. Regular voters tell me over and over again how tired they are of negative advertising. Unfortunately, whether they like it or not, they seem to respond to it. If they really dislike it, they should do what I do–don’t listen to it, and don’t believe it. Above all, don’t vote on it. I assure you, it would go away.

    On the topic of Carly: When picketing a speech she gave in Santa Cruz, a limo driver who had just dropped off a passenger got out to talk to us. He said he used to work at HP when she was CEO. To quote him, “We all hate her.” A neighbor of mine saw a photo of us in the local paper and passed it all around work. She said she was so proud to say she knew me. Because, you guessed it, she works at HP. And the driver was right. They all hate her. Shareholders might agree as HP on her watch bucked the market to lose value. The hapless McCain campaign even fired her. And I believe she was a volunteer. But she couldn’t open her mouth without sticking her foot in it. Perhaps her board work has been less fraught with disaster. But, if California voters judge her by these examples, none are a great recommendation for the next gig she’s applying for. Any self-respecting hiring manager would turn up his nose at a candidate with a resume like hers.

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