Meyer’s Take: Thelma and Louise Turn Right


Today, the hotly talented and exquisitely dressed editorial cartoonist and Calbuzzer Tom Meyer brings his singular vision to bear on the history-making primary election that saw California Republicans nominating two women for statewide office a mere 18 years after Democrats first managed the trick.

Then, as now, the operative metaphor for the political BFF movie is “Thelma and Louise,” with just a few tiny differences between the eMeg-iCarly partnership and the 1992 dynamic duo of DiFi and Babs.

Meyer’s take kicks off a week in which we’ll be running several, high-end guest commentaries, while Dr. P.J. Hackenflack facilitates the annual Calbuzz Corporate Retreat at the Super 8 Hotel in Buttonwillow, where every room comes equipped with an AM/FM clock radio and 25-cent magic fingers beds.

With 1,250 Calbuzz staffers jetting in from around the world on the company fleet, it should be a fun week, as Dr. H leads a series of general and break-out sessions designed to build our global brand and nurture our collaborative culture, using trust-building rope courses and fall-back exercises to knock down silos and grow cross-platform communications while empowering our associates to sharpen their saws and enlarge their  skill set tool kits.

Don’t forget your markers and your flip chart – and don’t dare miss the Wednesday night Bon Fire and Talent Show – plenty of corporate hilarity and amusing gag prizes!

P.S. That sign at the scene of the accident says “Fiscal Responsibility Starts Here.” And the final close-up is of the red-eyed character (who also appears in panels one and two) who escapes by clinging to an umbrella.

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  1. avatar Rob says:

    Hilarious in one way, sadly accurate in another. This duo will take California right with them as they plow off the edge of the cliff. We’ve seen how well millionaires/billionares do in politics. Hasn’t anyone learned this yet? Hopefully, Palin will keep endorsing them. That can only help Jerry Brown’s campaign!

  2. avatar pacifica says:

    Imagine a billionaire waking up one day, restless, and looking in the mirror and saying, “Gee, I think I’ll be governor.” Sound preposterous? Read on. Let’s see… Meg Whitman has already spent $70 or $80 million of her own money, and has vowed to spend $150 million to get the governorship. She promises to be a strict fiscal guardian of our (we, the taxpayers of California) money. How could we believe that, after witnessing such a disgusting, sickening display of excess, right down to private jets with ‘white glove service’?! What… she’ll turn on a dime and change? By the way, where do you think she’s got a lot of her $1 billion stashed away… that’s right… the Cayman Islands.

    Then ask yourself, what’s the most act of a participatory democracy? Voting! Ms. Whitman did not vote for almost 3 decades… 28 years of no voting. Think of all the critical issues facing our society during those past 3 decades, and where was she? AWOL… couldn’t be bothered to even vote… she was too busy making her first $billion! I think of single parents, low income voters, and people with 2 or 3 jobs and hardships in their lives, and still… they found a way to cast their votes! Again, Whitman couldn’t be bothered. Now she wants to run California, Inc.

    Then there’s the matter of how she conducted herself, at the pinnacle of her career, as a corporate CEO. Well, that doesn’t look too good, either, from the viewpoint of average, hardworking Californians.

    Fact: She, along with Carly Fiorina, are ‘serial outsourcers’, having shipped tens of thousands of good paying California jobs to India. They have a jobs plan, alright… for India. This callous and heartless behavior illustrates their lack of dedication and loyalty to the California working and middle class, by laying off tens of thousands and sending those same jobs to India. A race to the bottom for American workers and that cruel, transnational mentality, started in this country by Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, who discovered he could outsource millions of middle class American jobs to India, with all the English speakers there. He started it, and Meg and Carly really ratcheted it up, all the while raking in obscene amounts of money and ever so removed from the suffering they directly caused by their allegiance to their corporation, and none to the California workforce and our state. Shame on both of them.

    Jerry Brown has a very good record to run on, and I am very proud to support him. During his tenure as governor, 1.9 million jobs were created. California became the leader in renewable energy. He had a $5 billion rainy day surplus at the end of his first term. Jerry Brown was a visionary then, and he is now. We have never needed his experience, skills and wisdom more than now. He wants an ‘agenda of humility’ and a focus on honesty, frugality, shared sacrifice and innovation. That sounds exactly right. As he has stated, he has an ‘insider’s experience and an outsider’s mind.’ And that’s what it’s going to take to get us out of the bind and bring our beloved California to a new prosperity and health. Go Jerry! I’m with you 100% and will be volunteering on your ‘people’s campaign’. http://www.jerrybrown.org

  3. avatar SezMe says:

    Perhaps the good Dr. H could time off from his NWO duties at the Super 8 to explain who the guy with the bumbershoot in the last panel symbolizes.

  4. avatar Silent Sleuth says:

    Tom Meyer totally nailed it with this one. Best political cartoon of the year!

  5. avatar pjhackenflack says:

    SezMe: Think of Carly’s early campaign sidekick…glowing red eyes (he’s in the first couple panels, too)…wears Bruno Maglis…part of the hit team that took down Campbell.

  6. avatar chrisfinnie says:

    If the fellow with the bumbershoot isn’t a demon sheep, then I’ve never seen one. And I have.

  7. avatar oshamike says:

    Jerry was right when he said “some people think you need an outsider” to go in and change things for the better. “We tried that and it didn’t work.” Sometimes he says things so briefly and in such a condensed manner that it is missed. This is the winning message, I believe. We need to flesh out this message with more details. Why an outsider who is not accustomed to the negotiative process in government, will just screw thing up. Meg is not accustomed to people disagreeing with her, is she? Government is not autocratic. It is often a no holds barred argument with everyone in your face.
    Jerry can handle that stuff. I am a state employee with a pension. Believe me, I do not expect he will be easy on us, either. How about his record on pay raises, etc. when he was governor? And the moonbeam thing. That is all they will talk about, they will just refer to him as Moonbeam. That is what they do. Call names and wink. They need to be flushed out.

  8. avatar oshamike says:

    Perhaps it would be a good strategy for Jerry to have press conferences at the site of various fiascos or projects-went-wrong at the hands of Arnold, to demostrate how you need someone with governmental experience to handle the government. They talk about how it should be run like a business, but it is not a business. One person, even a governor, can not make it run like a business. And the purpose of government is not to turn in a profit anyway, it is to perform necessary services from which we all benefit.

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