Meyer: eMeg’s Oleaginous Coating of Filthy Lucre


Champion cartoonist and Calbuzzer Tom Meyer today presents Peewee Pete Wilson in a cameo role as the BP of California politics, desperately seeking a clean-up solution for the Goldman Sachs-sullied  campaign of his protege, Meg Whitman.

The problem for eMeg is that having dug into the public position that she’d done nothing wrong — when, while CEO of eBay, she took initial public offerings of stock at a friends-and-family price from Goldman and then sold those shares for a personal profit — she’s now stuck with the stain of the issue.

Which, of course, is far from the only challenge for Our Meg these days.

At the risk of seeming solipsistic — so unlike us! — it’s pretty clear that all her problems started with eMeg’s ill-advised decision to blow off the standing gracious dinner invitation from Calbuzz (8+ months and counting!)

Or maybe it just seems that way because of the spate of recent stories tracing her troubles to the arrogant belief that she could run a campaign for governor in a fabulously constructed bubble, a bubble-brained idea aimed at shutting out the political press, for which she was ringingly called out by the reliable John Diaz this week, while being nicely dinged by the gaggle over at Newsweek. “I control my media,” indeed.

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  1. avatar Ave7 says:

    Granted these two stories are eight days (and 12 years) apart, but could the comparison be any more fun?

    May 9, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle: “What Meg Whitman’s money can’t buy”

    May 18, 1998, Time Magazine: “Can’t Buy their love”

    The old Time piece reads: “Checchi…has already spent $30 million on the primary, a record for a statewide campaign. Checchi’s commercials have been blitzing viewers since November…If (Davis) prevails, Harman and Checchi–like Michael Huffington, the state’s failed millionaire Senate candidate of 1994–will have learned that California campaigns aren’t so virtual after all.”

    Steve Poizner is no Gray Davis, but clearly they have both benefited from their opponent’s unique combination of wealth, ego and stupidity. Whitman’s consultants are laughing all the way to the same bank as Checchi’s.

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