Poizner Going on Air with Hit on “Liberal” Whitman


Calbuzz has learned that Steve Poizner is set to launch his TV air campaign for the Republican nomination for governor Tuesday with two spots, including one that tags rival Meg Whitman as a “liberal.”

“California’s in crisis,” the ad’s voiceover begins, quickly getting to the money line:

What’s liberal Meg Whitman’s weak response? False negative attacks on Republican Steve Poizner’s conservative solutions.

The 30-second spot, which you can find here,  is notable for three reasons: 1) it signals clearly that Poizner is going to define the GOP race as being about ideology, where eMeg has framed it on competence, by stressing her business experience; 2) the ad quickly goes after the GOP red-meat issue of illegal immigration with a hard line that contrasts with Whitman’s measured statements on the topic; 3) the Commish labels himself a “Republican,” in contrast to Whitman’s ads, which do not mention her party identification, in what is more of a general election appeal than a primary pitch to partisans.

The campaign’s second spot focuses on Poizner’s “conservative solutions” call for a 10 percent across-the-board tax cut.

Communications director Jarrod Agen refused to comment on the size or other details of the campaign’s media buy. The ads are scheduled to hit the airwaves one day after Poizner officially declared his candidacy.

His campaign originally planned to hold off on TV advertising until after the end of the Republican convention on March 15, but jump-started his effort after eMeg launched a barrage of four attacks ads against him last week.

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