Swap Meet: Willie, Lou & Jerry Brown Haiku Contest


jerrypixilatedWhen analysts over at the  Calbuzz Department of Eastern Philosophy and Rancid Incense heard that Jerry Brown had doubled his lead in the Democratic race for governor by the clever method of not campaigning, they dashed off a memo offering the newsroom their complete analysis:

Sitting peacefully doing nothing
Spring comes
and the grass grows all by itself

Their steal [NOT a haiku] from Lao Tzu sparked an epiphany for those of us in the Content Preparation, Generation and Presentation Division: Brown’s secret campaign strategy is to spend the rest of the race at his Oakland loft, sitting in the full lotus position, clad in a saffron robe.

Armed with that insight, Calbuzz has decided our coverage of Brown’s gubernatorial bid will be reported entirely in haiku, as in this, our  campaign preview:

Run by not running
Seek to win without seeking
This is Jerry Brown

As sensitive New Media guys fully committed to multi-platform, interactive community-of-interest conversations with our readers, we’re seeking your input for our haiku-driven coverage.

Send your best political haiku -– a three line poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third –- to the Calbuzz Jerry Brown Haiku Contest at calbuzzer@gmail.com. We’ll publish top entries and the best one -– she who wins by losing -– will get two Calbuzzer buttons and a free 500-word rant.


What the Field Poll found: Hurricane Carly Fiorina, who apparently thought she’d waltz into the GOP Senate race and be embraced, instead finds herself in a death dance with Chuck DeVore, an unknown knuckle-dragging assemblyman from Orange County who actually has paid a few political dues. But six in 10 Republican primary voters have no idea who they support yet. Meanwhile, Sen. Babs of Marin, with no opposition on the Dem side, beats Fiorina 49-35% and DeVore 50-33%. Calbuzz wasn’t able to break this big news on Friday because after the Field Poll had generously shared the governor’s race results with us on Wednesday for Thursday’s post, some MSM subscribers whined that our piddling little NSM (New Stream Media) web site shouldn’t be able to get results until after the big boys have published them (since they pay for access and we don’t). Boo Hoo.   (We also think it’s ’cause we give better poll than they do, but hey, whatever.)

FDRObama cures cancer – GOP sees socialist plot: The shameful spectacle of Republicans rushing to trash and belittle President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Friday once again suggests that American politics in the digital age are more angry, coarse and vicious than at any previous point in history. Not so fast, says Hall of Fame historian and journalist Lou Cannon, who’s written a swell piece over at Politics Daily arguing that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Taking a leisurely stroll through the archives of the Hoover Institution, Cannon compares the unrelenting attacks on Obama to those against Franklin Roosevelt, among other presidents, and concludes that they’re “unfortunately (in) our tradition of verbal savaging even the best of presidents.” And he notes that the demagoguery of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are nothing new to the airwaves:

It may be that the most unrestrained of today’s anti-Obama extremists have an edge on their predecessors in sheer goofiness. The notion that Obama was born in Kenya or is a secret Muslim has embedded itself in conspiracy theories accepted by untold thousands of Americans. In terms of viciousness, I think the FDR-haters were the worst…

“A Detroit radio priest, Father Charles Coughlin, seemed to be locked in a perverse competition with Gerald L.K. Smith, his Protestant equivalent in hate-mongering, to see whose attacks on FDR could be more vile.

Calbuzz wonders why the Democrats are so slow to take a page from the Republican playbook and start smacking Beck, Limbaugh, O’Reilly et. al. as ANTI-AMERICAN for all their hoping that Chicago wouldn’t get the Olympics and their complaining that the president is given the Nobel Peace Prize. Where are the patriotic, flag-waving, outraged Democrats, fulminating about how the disloyal right-wingers are wishing ill for our beloved country?


Tom vs. the Terminator: Speaking of coarse politics, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s much-publicized crude and rude behavior when Gov. Arnold made an invited, if unexpected, appearance at a Democratic event in San Francisco the other night proved anew the adage that liberals love free speech, unless you’re not a liberal.

The hardest working woman in show business  reports that Willie Brown, who accompanied Schwarzenegger to the event after they both were invited by the organizers, was livid at what happened. Brown, one of the most partisan Democrats in the history of the world, of course comes from an unfortunately fading era, when people who disagreed politically could actually sit in the same room without acting like total jerks:

(The governor) and former President Bill Clinton — at the Fairmont for the President’s Cup golf tournament — were invited to attend the Democrats’ event “by the hosts…the fundraiser organizers,” Brown told us. Clinton declined the invite; Schwarzenegger accepted.

“Ammiano conducted himself somewhat similar to Joe Wilson,” Brown said, referring to the GOP congressman who incurred Democratic wrath when he shouted “You lie” to President Obama during a speech to Congress.

“It was inappropriate to invite anyone in and shout at them, I don’t care who it is. It could be George Bush,” said Brown. “You don’t do that. If you don’t wish to be in their presence, then don’t invite them.”

“You’re talking about utter stupidity,” Brown said.


Finally — From the Poizon Commissioner for your enjoyment:

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  1. avatar Mobius Trip says:

    Don’t ask me why but I follow Carly on twitter. Her latest tweet left me scratching my head: “Field Poll shows Boxer with no easy path to victory, unable to get above 50% support. What happens when Boxer gets a real challenger? ” Does that mean Carly’s still waiting for a real challenger to show up or what?
    Carly’s just going to end up being another one of those Richie Riches who helps stimulate the CA economy by throwing $$ at media buyers before going down to defeat. There is no there there. Even the McCain campaign figured that out.

  2. avatar Ave7 says:

    Barzaghi no more.

    Can a Gust blow strong enough?

    Paddle our canoe.

  3. avatar carolconners says:

    Visibly present
    Always willing to shake hands
    Energetic man

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