Calbuzz Face-Off: Drill Baby Drill, Yea or No Way?


oilrigAs the state’s budget battle drags on amid bitter debate over program cuts, there is equal acrimony over a revenue-raising proposal to allow drilling for oil in state waters off the coast of Santa Barbara. With the controversial Tranquillon Ridge project raising questions about finances, the environment and political process, Calbuzz invited the leading advocate on each side, Deputy Finance DirectorTom Sheehy and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, to make his case for our readers. Their posts — yes and no — are linked below.

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  1. avatar miquel95929 says:

    Garamendi is right as usual but I see a deal possibility. Let this limited lease authority go thru along with a hefty severance tax on Oil production to close the deficit. May get some play before midnite,

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