Political Haiku: Calbuzzer Nails NYT Editorial in 13 Words


Tony Seton of Monterey is the hands-down winner of the Calbuzz Community Challenge to sum up the baffling Sunday New York Times editorial about a federal bailout for California in 15 words or less.

With two whole words left over, Seton expertly captured all the key points, illogic and flavor of a classic East Coast Mulls Left Coast edit:

“Bail out banks not people. Sit on hands. Obfuscate. Only time will tell.”

As a bonus, the Calbuzzer also provided a link to the famed Steinberg poster that the chin-stroking Timesman clearly contemplated before setting pen to paper. Congratulations to Tony, and thanks to all who played.

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Now if CalBuzz would be so kind as to explain Paul Krugman’s column of the following day…

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