Plot Thickens for Villaraigosa in LAPD vs. Hollywood Feud


Partisans of Antonio Villaraigosa groused and grumbled about our Monday post disclosing how the L.A. mayor and wannabe governor is caught in a Big Squeeze between the LAPD and Hollywood filmmakers over security for location shoots.

But over at The Wrap, former NY Timeswoman Sharon Waxman’s cool site covering all things Hollywood, Michael Janofsky advances the ball on the story by reporting out details of the City Hall politics being played over the issue.

Waxman, BTW, is locked in a feud of her own, as she and the indomitable Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily exchange fusillades of trash-talking over who has the Alpha site covering Tinsel Town, as the New York Observer observes in a juicy report here. (The fireworks are way down in the story.)

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  1. avatar Dana Gabbard says:

    Excuse me? “groused and grumbled”? Some of us questioned how much if any impact tis issue would have on the Mayor AV’s hopes to run for Governor. I agree with Bill Bradley the failing Jack Weiss bid to be City Attorney is a big problem for the Mayor, far more than this.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Not to forget the well documented — within LA circles, anyway — of the “wanderings” from Hizzoner’s home bedstead with an Hispanic seniorita, local TeeVee anchor-ess/field reporter in El Lay?

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