Challenge to Governor Candidates: Campbell’s Got Cojones, Do You?


Calbuzz props to Tom Campbell, Presidential Scholar and Visiting Professor of Law at Chapman University, who was the first of the potential candidates for governor to answer — ALL — of our pithy gubernatorial questions in writing.

Campbell, 56, is a former Republican U.S. Congressman, California State Senator, California Director of Finance and Dean of the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley. It’s unclear whether Campbell can raise the money to launch a campaign for governor in a race that includes moneybags like Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner. But he’s a smart guy with a sterling resume and we applaud his willingness to speak directly to the state’s key concerns.

Click here for Campbell’s complete answers. Here’s just a taste:

“We should budget based on revenues one year in arrears. There’s nothing partisan about that suggestion, so I think it has a good chance of being followed. It will take several years to accomplish this; but the “rainy day” fund aspect of Prop. 1A is a good start. After ten years, perhaps sooner, we would raise revenue one year, let it earn interest, and spend it the next year. There would never again be any doubt about how much money we would have to spend. And if there were a decline in revenues, we would see it a year in advance, and take steps with more care to address it”.

“Every new state regulation should carry a 5-year sunset. A regulation could be re-promulgated if it’s been effective, otherwise, let it drop…To attract and keep jobs, we need to continue public works unabated. That means freeways, water storage and transport, port facilities, airports, energy infrastructure, and other projects . . . On taxes, we need to lower every tax that discourages jobs in our state. We need to get more in line with our competitor states’ levels on income tax, sales tax, and business tax.”

Re. Proposition 13: . . . “the ‘split roll’ idea is a job-killer.”

Re. Dealing with the Legislature: “. . . The Governor needs to be respected by and have respect for the Legislature. The Governor who wins by demonizing the other party, or the other branch, cannot hope to be effective once in office.”

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  1. avatar Sierra Business Council says:

    Not only does he have courage his answers are really pretty good.
    He should be applauded for actually answering the questions of the day.

    So, step up Mrrs. Newsom, Brown, Garamendi, Poizener and Ms. Whitman.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Tom Campbell is a thoughtful, intelligent person and candidate. He might do better in an open primary system.
    I do think that his opposition to a split-roll is not well founded, but I like most of his other specifics.

  3. avatar OC Progressive says:

    “We should budget based on revenues one year in arrears. There’s nothing partisan about that suggestion, so I think it has a good chance of being followed. It will take several years to accomplish this;

    Oh why not just promise us all ponies? This is absurd magical thinking. Campbell expects to be taken serious with thinking like this?

    Let’s see a spreadsheet that shows how we get from today’s budget to this fantasy, year-by-year.


  4. avatar Reilleyfam says:

    So far, he’s my number 1 candidate. He does not have a chance of beating Poizner or Whitman in the primaries. He’s not rich enough or extremist conservative enough. A moderate republican is what CA needs but the Orange County nutjobs and other whacko conservatives will never let that happen. So instead we get another 4 years of BS.

  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    But Campbell has never been able to win a Statewide office.

  6. avatar NICHOLAS says:

    In response to Reilleyfam: Actually all the polls published so far show Tom ahead or tied for 1st place against Whitman, Poizner, and Fay…and according to the SoS website Tom is getting far more contributions from actual voters than any other GOP hopeful. It’s amazing where integrity and thoughtful ideas will take you as opposed to just millions of dollars.

    In response to Anonymous: He ran in 1-statewide poll and this was against Feinstein. Nobody could have beat her unless of course as the former (and now jailed) Gov of Louisiana said “they found [him] in bed with a dead lady or a boy.”

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