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Trump Has Done to the GOP What Wilson Did in CA


Even before he shot himself in the mouth by denigrating Sen. John McCain, the obnoxious mogul Donald Trump had done for the national Republican Party in 2015 what former Gov. Pete Wilson did for the California Republican Party in 1994: poisoned it among Latino voters for decades to come. In case you’ve been face-planted… »

Op Ed: Why Labor Should Attack Democrats on Trade


By Steve Smith, Special to Calbuzz: A recent Calbuzz post took unions to task for having the audacity to call out Democratic elected officials when they take stands or cast votes that are not in the best interest of working people. The fundamental flaw… »

Why Labor’s Dem-on-Dem Attacks Are Foolhardy


In 1967, President Lyndon Baines Johnson famously posed a political question to moderate civil rights leaders Roy Wilkins and Whitney Young, then quickly answered it himself. ”You know the difference between cannibals and liberals?” the president asked. “Cannibals eat only their enemies.” LBJ’s formulation comes… »

What Catalyzed SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision


Many times, familiarity breeds respect. Look no further than Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the swing vote and author of the landmark majority opinion affirming same-sex marriage nationwide. A… »

Obama: Time for “An Honest Accounting of History”


It’s been an amazing week of news: the Confederate flag lowering across the South, the Supreme Court upholding the rights of everyone, not only to have health insurance but… »

Shocker: Oil Spill Spreads, Fouls Distant Beaches


The oil company respon- sible for the recent coastline spill near Santa Barbara and a state agency both confirmed Monday that oil from the accident has traveled more than… »

Call It Like It Is: Dylann Roof is a Domestic Terrorist


By Dick Polman, News- works: ISIS death toll in America: 0. Domestic terrorist death toll in Charleston: 9. Unless you’re totally clueless – unless, say, you’re a Fox Newsbot… »

The Swami is Gone; Can We Kill the “Bradley Effect”?


In some of the tributes to our late friend and mentor Mervin Field (we name no names), the old, discredited “Bradley Effect” raised its ugly head, as writers sought… »

A Great Man Passes: Merv Field R.I.P.


Thought- ful and civil, cordial and cultured, affable and warm, Merv Field was, quite simply a great man. An erudite guru of California’s historic trends and campaign minutiae, he… »

Paris Is Talking: Ro vs. Ho, the Rematch


Amid word stateside that Ro Khanna has assem- bled an All-Star lineup of Democratic consultants to take another run at Rep. Mike Honda, Calbuzz dispatches its entire City of… »

Kamala: AG “Boots on the Ground” in Spill Probe


In the ancient tradition of state politicians, AG Kamala Harris commanded the attention of most of the TV news cameras in Southern California, striking a pose near the Santa… »

We Are the Seven Percent: Drought, What Drought?


The big news in the just-out PPIC poll is that Californians now consider the drought the most important issue facing the state. The most fascinating data point, however, is… »

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