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Why Anti-DiFi Spook Is An “Emotional” Martinet


Michael Hayden is a man’s man – yea, a Manly Man – a career Air Force officer, former CIA Director and lifelong, hardcore fan of the blue-collar Pittsburgh Steelers. Yet: Hayden is also a man of deep emotional feeling. If that last phrase sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the precise language Hayden used recently in… »

Field Poll Shocker: Republican Leads Statewide Race


With Gov. Jerry Brown in a commanding position to be re-elected in November and with transparency and integrity in office thrust into the news by scandal in Sacramento, the most interesting statewide contest – one in which a Republican has at least a shot at… »

Op Ed: SCOTUS Has Eviscerated Contribution Limits


By Sarah Swanbeck, Special to Calbuzz: Four years ago, in Citizens United v FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for corporations and unions to make unlimited independent expenditures in political campaigns. In the wake of that decision, we’ve seen an arms race among… »

Op Ed: Time to Expel Senators Tainted by Corruption


By Fred Keeley, Special to Calbuzz: Imagine that you are an employee working in the food mart of the corner gas station. One night, you’re arrested for driving… »

Op Ed: Protecting Civil Rights Not a Partisan Pursuit


By Duf Sund- heim, Special to Calbuzz: It is going to take more than insults and the perpetuation of tired political stereotypes to solve this problem. It is… »

And Now The Key Question: Can Feds Convict Yee?


For a decade or more, some FBI Not-So-Wile-E-Coyotes chased Roadrunner Willie Brown around the Capitol, determined to nail him for corruption, but whiffed every time. So when His Willieness… »

Op-Ed: When The Press All Cheered Leland Yee


By Robert B. Gunnison, Special to Calbuzz: It is a rare day when journalists say something nice about a politician. Yet, there we were applauding Senator Leland Yee, D-San… »

Best and Worst of Shrimp Boy-Uncle Leland Coverage


Perhaps it was a mere dose of stupid pills that made Gavin Newsom decide to pose for a grip-and-grin with a strutting, flashy, habitual criminal who still boasts his… »

PPIC: Californians Reject GOP Views and Wannabes


The latest poll from the Public Policy Institute of California has some rather bad news for GOP Chairman Jim Brulte and his party: Californians pretty much like the… »

Why Hacks, Flacks Are Cheering Brown’s “Librarian”


Not since then-Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown named Jacques Barzaghi director of that city’s Craft and Cultural Affairs Department has Gandalf made an appointment so intriguing as California State Librarian-designate… »

“60 Minutes”: DiFi’s Mystery Drone Was A Toy


The political impli- cations of the punch Dianne Feinstein landed on the chin of the CIA begin to clarify, while CBS sleuths sniff after a mysterious flying machine that… »

Why California GOP’s “Reboot” Strategy Isn’t Enough

Former Sen. Jim Brulte visits the Capitol Bureau.

One after another of the speakers at last weekend’s California Republican Party convention did an admirable job of staying on Chairman Jim Brulte’s message: “Rebuild. Renew. Reclaim.” But there… »

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