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Jan. 20, 2017: The Madness Is About to Get Real

upside down flag

Whatever lies, jive and tripe ooze from the filthy mouth of Donald J. Trump at today’s Inauguration, the plain fact is this: the U.S. is about to embark upon a destructive, dangerous and chilling new era led by a mentally ill, ignorant and authoritarian kleptocrat. The national media still is in thrall to a political… »

Villaraigosa: California Must Spread the Wealth


In one of the first in-depth interviews about his 2018 campaign, Antonio Villaraigosa told Calbuzz that the next governor must focus heavily on creating economic opportunities in areas of inland California that have not rebounded along with prosperous coastal cities.
“I think the folks in… »

Obama Farewell: The Demands of Democracy


President Barack Obama delivered a powerful parting address Tuesday night in Chicago, calling on Americans to play their vital role — as citizens — to perfect America. Here is the text of the speech as written. It’s good to be home.  My fellow Americans, Michelle… »

Streep to Trump: You’re a Dangerous Bully


By Dick Polman, News- works: Bravo, Meryl Streep. Tell it, sister. I know that people in the arts can sometimes be insufferable, like when they all wear ribbons to… »

New Year’s Resolutions for California’s Top Pols


As every school- child knows by now, thanks to the indispensable good work of the California Budget and Policy Center, the federal government underpins about one-third – nearly $100… »

Thanks MSM, for the Very Special Gift of Trump!


At first glance, today’s lead photo might suggest that your Calbuzzards are heading out to stick up their neighborhood 7-11. Or perhaps that they’ve just been booked for trying… »

Done Deal: Crazy Person To Control the Nukes


The political hacks that cast the ballots in the Electoral College on Monday made it official: a mentally ill and corrupt authoritarian demagogue will soon become the most powerful… »

The Field Poll is Dead: Long Live the Field Poll

field poll

The sudden death of the Field Poll, announced Friday, marks a terrible loss for public opinion research in California. It wasn’t perfect, when the late great Mervin Field ran… »

Why Democrats in Congress Should Just Say ‘No’


By Dick Polman, News- Works: Should Democrats seek common ground with Donald Trump or oppose him at every turn? On Capitol Hill, should they abet or obstruct? I can… »

Why Brown’s Choice of Becerra for AG is Brilliant


Gov. Jerry Brown’s nomination of Democratic U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra of Los Angeles to become the state’s first Latino Attorney General, replacing Senator-elect Kamala Harris, is a shrewd and… »

From Ted to Trump: Why Do You Want the Gig?

young ted

Ted Kennedy famously torpe- doed his 1980 campaign for president by failing miserably to state why he wanted to be president. In 2016, Donald Trump provided a high-speed, steroid-laden… »

“Oswald’s Been Shot” – A Tale of Two Photos


Here’s a Calbuzz Classic, from 2013, to commemorate once again the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the most tragic and consequential political event of our lifetimes. It was… »

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