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Op Ed: A Modest Proposal For State Political Reform


By Patrick Atwater, Special to Calbuzz: The Public Interest Research Group, the national Naderite network of grassroots think tanks, has just released “Following the Money,” a report that grades the efforts of all 50 states in providing taxpayers online access to government spending data. California flunked. Alas, Silicon Valley’s mother ship ranked dead last –… »

Why Anti-DiFi Spook Is An “Emotional” Martinet


Michael Hayden is a man’s man – yea, a Manly Man – a career Air Force officer, former CIA Director and lifelong, hardcore fan of the blue-collar Pittsburgh Steelers. Yet: Hayden is also a man of deep emotional feeling. If that last phrase sounds familiar,… »

Field Poll Shocker: Republican Leads Statewide Race


With Gov. Jerry Brown in a commanding position to be re-elected in November and with transparency and integrity in office thrust into the news by scandal in Sacramento, the most interesting statewide contest – one in which a Republican has at least a shot at… »

Op Ed: SCOTUS Has Eviscerated Contribution Limits


By Sarah Swan- beck, Special to Calbuzz: Four years ago, in Citizens United v FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for corporations and unions to make unlimited… »

Op Ed: Time to Expel Senators Tainted by Corruption


By Fred Keeley, Special to Calbuzz: Imagine that you are an employee working in the food mart of the corner gas station. One night, you’re arrested for driving… »

Op Ed: Protecting Civil Rights Not a Partisan Pursuit


By Duf Sund- heim, Special to Calbuzz: It is going to take more than insults and the perpetuation of tired political stereotypes to solve this problem. It is… »

And Now The Key Question: Can Feds Convict Yee?


For a decade or more, some FBI Not-So-Wile-E-Coyotes chased Roadrunner Willie Brown around the Capitol, determined to nail him for corruption, but whiffed every time. So when His Willieness… »

Op-Ed: When The Press All Cheered Leland Yee


By Robert B. Gunnison, Special to Calbuzz: It is a rare day when journalists say something nice about a politician. Yet, there we were applauding Senator Leland Yee, D-San… »

Best and Worst of Shrimp Boy-Uncle Leland Coverage


Perhaps it was a mere dose of stupid pills that made Gavin Newsom decide to pose for a grip-and-grin with a strutting, flashy, habitual criminal who still boasts his… »

PPIC: Californians Reject GOP Views and Wannabes


The latest poll from the Public Policy Institute of California has some rather bad news for GOP Chairman Jim Brulte and his party: Californians pretty much like the… »

Why Hacks, Flacks Are Cheering Brown’s “Librarian”


Not since then-Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown named Jacques Barzaghi director of that city’s Craft and Cultural Affairs Department has Gandalf made an appointment so intriguing as California State Librarian-designate… »

“60 Minutes”: DiFi’s Mystery Drone Was A Toy


The political impli- cations of the punch Dianne Feinstein landed on the chin of the CIA begin to clarify, while CBS sleuths sniff after a mysterious flying machine that… »

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