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PPIC Survey: California Remains the Great Exception


The most recent survey from the Public Policy Institute of California demonstrates just how different the Golden State is from the rest of the country on some of the most important issues that define who we are, from health care and climate change to immigration and income equality. The results underscore how marginalized the Republican… »

Say It Ain’t So: Is Brown Really a Fracking Whore?


Gov. Jerry Brown is dedicated to preserving the environment and leading the fight against climate change. He’s fearless enough to slap Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a “disgrace” for trying to incite the states to reject White House efforts to reduce carbon emissions. And… »

Why “Right-to-Die” Is 2016′s Most Consequential Bill


It’s noteworthy, but not surprising, that Dianne Feinstein’s big-deal endorsement of California’s right-to-die legislation comes only a few months after the arduous death of her close and lifelong friend, Merla Zellerbach. Feinstein’s support for the bill, scheduled for its first committee hearing next week, came… »

Kamala’s First Senate Foe: Rocky Chavez on Issues


Now that Republican Assemblyman Rocky (his actual name – we asked) Chavez of Oceanside has officially joined the race for U.S. Senate from California, becoming Democratic Atty. Gen. Kamala… »

Press Clips: 6 Takeaways on Hillary’s Email ‘Scandal’


Pop quiz: Who of the following is the biggest dunce of the week? a) The Indiana state legislator who pursued a sexting relationship with the infamous Sydney Leathers, the… »

GOP Senate Wannabes: A Vicious Attack on Calbuzz


If Rocky Chavez confounds conven- tional wisdom to run a stronger-than-expected race for U.S. Senate, it most certainly will not be due to the efforts of his asshat press… »

Obama at Selma: “Our March Is Not Yet Finished”


President Obama delivered a bravura speech in Selma, Alabama on Saturday, at ceremonies honoring the 50th anniversary of the march on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, a landmark in the… »

Gay Old Party: Reflections on the Log Cabin Vote


By Hank Plante, Special to Calbuzz: Suddenly, the California Republican Party is as gay as IKEA on Super Bowl Sunday. Okay, not exactly. Still, it was a momentous vote,… »

Pigs Fly: CA GOP OKs Gay Republicans Club


Cali- fornia’s Repub- lican Party stepped into the 21st Century and onto the right side of history Sunday, with a landslide vote granting formal acceptance of the mostly gay… »

Christie to GOP: Don’t Write Me Off Yet


Speaking to the fervent believers of the California Republican Party on Saturday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie offered a muted paean to Ronald Reagan and presented himself as a… »

GOP Confab Highlight: Condi Drinking Game


Tony V has totally wimped out on California’s Senate race, leaving state political writers in desperate need of a story — and reduced to downing shots each time someone… »

Field Poll Buzz: Condi vs. Kamala Dream Match-Up


The new Field Poll, testing whether voters are inclined or not to vote for various individuals for U.S. Senate, is most significant for one reason: as a demonstration that… »

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