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Why Can’t MSM Read Its Own Damn Hillary Polls?


When California’s own Speaker-to-be Kevin McCarthy let slip on Tuesday that the Republicans in Congress put together a Benghazi special committee in order to damage Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness, he merely said aloud what everyone but the suckers and rubes already knew. How is it then, that mainstream media pundits have been so duped by the… »

GOP Wrap: Carly Up, Carson Down, Trump Flat


By the time the epic Republican debate ended last night — long after Jeb Bush copped to smoking weed, Donald Trump called himself humble and George P. Shultz was denounced as a Comsymp of One World government – the awful truth had sunk in: the… »

Simi Valley Showdown: Trump’s Slander, Carly’s Lies


Over and over and over again, national news media wiseacres wonder aloud why Donald Trump keeps gaining support when every rational person in America knows he’s just a narcissistic blowhard spewing nationalistic populism without a single serious idea about how to govern America…Why? How about:… »

Stop the Presses: Rational Republican Seeks Senate


George “Duf” Sundheim, the Silicon Valley lawyer and former California Republican Party chairman who last week joined the race for U.S. Senate, has two big problems: 1) He’s too… »

Press Clips: Willie’s World Takes Turn for the Worse


A San Francisco political insider forwarded an ICYMI copy of a Wall Street Journal scoop this week that detailed a new case of Willie Brown sleaze, and appended this… »

Op-Ed: Dems Should Dump New Motor Voter Bill

i dont vote

By Bob Mulhol- land, Special to Calbuzz: There are many reasons, why citizens do not want to register to vote: they don’t like any of us; English is their… »

Memo to MSM Bloviators: Get a Clue About Polling


The Iowa caucuses are about five months away and the 2016 presidential election is almost a year and two months away and yet not a day goes by without… »

New Research Shocker: It’s Official — Trump’s Nuts

trump w pizza

Rum- maging through decades of dust and rat leavings, our Department of Archival Research and Hoarder Magazine Stacks in recent weeks has examined every document, file and cocktail napkin… »

True Fact: Anyone But Donald Leads GOP Race


The most recent reputable nationwide polls show Donald Trump with support ranging from 19% to 26% with an average of about 23% and a lead over Jeb Bush averaging… »

Trump Speaks for All the GOP Candidates on Women


By Dick Polman, News- works.org: This weekend, we heard the most priceless clarification ever issued by a presidential candidate. Ever. The Republican front-runner, seeking to quell Bloodgate, insisted that… »

GOP Reality Show: Trump The Biggest Loser


Fox TV moder- ators exposed Donald Trump as the turd in the Republican punch bowl in the first minute of last night’s debate, forcing him to acknowledge he might… »

Shocker: Kasich Soars in New Wannabe Rankings


The last time we saw Cleveland’s Quicken Loans arena, LeBron James put on a memorable, spell-binding performance in Game 5 of the NBA finals in a futile, losing cause…. »

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