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GOP Confab: Can Paul, McCarthy Hide True Beliefs?


The headliners for the California Republican Party convention in Los Angeles this weekend –  newly re-branded U.S. Sen. Rand Paul,  R-KY, and U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield – fit the profile of modern Golden State Republicans that Chairman Jim Brulte would like to popularize: well-spoken GOP celebrities who don’t sound like fire-breathing evangelists. But when… »

Neel Strong in Debate; Brown’s Record Stronger


Top line on Thursday night’s debate between Neel Kashkari and Gov. Jerry Brown: Neel put in a strong and substantive showing. But it won’t matter because Brown makes an inarguable case that California was in the toilet when he took over and since then he’s… »

Can Neel Beat the Spread? Plus New Poll Numbers


Facing California’s most prosaic election in memory, our Department of Spectator Sport Politics and Insensate Choices is girding its loins (ow!) for the fall campaign by reviewing the words of the late Senator Gene (Not Joe) McCarthy: “Being in politics is like being a football… »

GOP Magical Thinking: Pathway IS Crucial to Latinos


Every now and then, some misguided conservative stumbles onto a poll finding that immigration is not the No. 1 issue for Latino voters and he cries “Eureka!” as if… »

DiFi: Putin’s Manhood vs. Schweitzer’s Sick Fantasy


Gender bender: As a convent schoolgirl, Dianne Feinstein was a drama queen, invariably picked to play strong males leads in all-female casts because she was precociously statuesque. From Prince… »

Income Taxes Don’t Kill Jobs & Tyrion’s No AuH2O


You’ll recall that in the fall of 2012, as Jerry Brown campaigned for Prop. 30, his tax-hike plan to balance California’s budget and boost school funding, right-wingers argued vociferously… »

Why Bully Boy Perez Should Concede to Betty Yee


[Editors Note: Two days after this article was posted, John Perez called off his recount and threw his support behind Betty Yee's campaign for Controller.] Former Assembly Speaker John… »

Opinions About Obama’s Presidency Are Not Facts

Obama rushmore

As we recover from our schnock- ered weekend celebrations of the founding of our great nation 238 years ago, we can rejoice in our freedom to hold and express… »

Field Poll: Gov. Gandalf Crushing Tyrion of Kashkari


Democrat Jerry Brown has little to fear from his GOP challenger, Neel Kashkari, according to the latest Field Poll that finds the governor leading by 20 points – 52-32%… »

Quick Take: Wingnuts and the 1%


One way Californ- ia’s top two primary has given at least a small boost to Republican candidates is in allowing GOP economic elitists to campaign free of the need… »

Op-Ed: How Brown Could Do Worse Than Expected


By Chuck McFadden Special to Calbuzz Gov. Jerry Brown has to be thinking about the stunning upset of Eric Cantor in Virginia. If he isn’t, he’s not as smart… »

Why Brown and Kashkari Will Not Meet in 10 Debates


Repub- lican Neel Kashkari has chal- lenged Demo- cratic Gov. Jerry Brown to 10 debates, which is what Brown did in 2010 when he was facing Meg Whitman. Then,… »

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