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GOP Confab Highlight: Condi Drinking Game


Tony V has totally wimped out on California’s Senate race, leaving state political writers in desperate need of a story — and reduced to downing shots each time someone says, “I wish Condi would run” at this weekend’s Republican convention. Sad but true: as the Calbuzz National Affairs and Social Activities Desk heads to Sacramento… »

Field Poll Buzz: Condi vs. Kamala Dream Match-Up


The new Field Poll, testing whether voters are inclined or not to vote for various individuals for U.S. Senate, is most significant for one reason: as a demonstration that Republican former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice would be a strong contender if she got into… »

Among Latinos, Tony V Thumps Kamala for Senate


California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris may be leading the field statewide in 2016 race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer – we won’t actually know until we see some public polling data – but it appears that among Latino voters who say they’re likely… »

Why Only Whack Jobs Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids


There are certain things we do as an ad- vanced, civilized society to protect our children: We require that if they are transported in a car, they must be… »

RIP Rick Orlov: He Lived and Breathed LA Politics


Rick Orlov, who died Monday at age 66, wasn’t just an ace veteran reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News, he was a relentlessly decent, talented and generous man… »

Starting Gate: How Republican Presidentials Rank


The race for the Repub- lican presi- dential nomination is now Jeb Bush’s to lose – and, boy oh boy, is he capable of doing just that. Mitt Romney… »

PPIC: Obama, Brown, Immigration Popular in CA


After the Novem- ber elec- tion, when some partisan and media hysterics were running around like chickens with their heads cut off because the Republicans had picked up seats… »

Why Antonio Villaraigosa Should Run for U.S. Senate


All the gab and gossip among California’s cognoscenti currently focuses on one big question: Is former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio “Tony V” Villaraigosa in or out of the 2016… »

Tony V Viable in ’16? DiFi a Slam Dunk for ’18 Exit?


California Attorney General Kamala Harris is, for now, the leading candidate to succeed U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer. Environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer, by dint of his money, is her strongest… »

Tom Steyer: Kamala’s Biggest Threat for Senate


A survey of the land- scape of the 2016 race to succeed U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer reveals that state Attorney General Kamala Harris, who announced on Tuesday that she’s… »

Why the Governor Should Run for Boxer’s Seat


To the surprise of no one, septu- agenarian U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer confirmed Thursday (in a cheesy video) that she will not seek re-election in two years, offering California… »

6 Takeaways From Jerry Brown’s Final Inaugural

jerry-brown-avedon (1)

The biggest difference between the hirsute Jerry Brown who first took the oath as California’s governor at 36, and the 76-year who recited it on Monday for an historic… »

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