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Scalia’s Death Spotlights Essential Issue of 2016


Saturday night’s Republican debate in South Carolina, surprise, surprise, played out as yet another episode of “Survivor.” Oh sure, the harshest and most bitter debate exchanges to date made for pretty good political entertainment, but for our money CBS moderator John Dickerson would have done better by sticking to solely one issue: the implications of… »

Barney on Bernie: 3 Reasons Sanders is Doomed


That Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won the Republican and Democratic primaries in New Hampshire was no surprise, despite all the hyperventilating among the beltway MSM. While Trump may now march on to victory (although NH has never been a great predictor of success), Sanders… »

Chris Bashes Marco, and 5 Other Debate Takeaways

christie j'accuse

Marco Rubio, flavor of the week amid Beltway bubbleheads paid obscenely to forecast wrongly the presidential race, got hammered, staggered and rolled by Chris Christie moments into Saturday night’s GOP New Hampshire debate. God, we love the smell of napalm in the morning. The Florida… »

In NH, Bernie and Hillary Speak To Different Worlds

clinton-sanders debate

In their New Hampshire debate Thursday night, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton played to entirely different audiences: He spoke directly and forcefully to left-liberal voters of the Live Free… »

Why Polls Missed the Mark on Cruz and Sanders


Two days before the Iowa caucuses, the esteemed Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll predicted that Hillary Clinton would beat Bernie Sanders by 3 percentage points and Donald Trump would… »

A Curated Guide to Why the Iowa Caucuses Reek


Having spent way too many years reporting in Iowa (and New Hampshire, another pint-sized state that gets ceaselessly over-analyzed by the geniuses of the Acela corridor but…a story for… »

Disorder in Des Moines: The GOP Split Screen Debate


Four days before the Iowa caucus- es, Thurs- day night’s dystopian display of Republican electile dysfunction was a perfect tableau of the GOP race. On the Fox News stage… »

Forget Fox, Univision Vote Totally Thumps Trump


Donald Trump, who is demonstrating a remarkable ability to whipsaw the mainstream media, the Republican Party and the GOP presidential field, often argues that Latinos “love” him and that… »

Why Democrats Should Stop Dabbling With Bernie


The Demo- crats who are pushing Bernie Sanders are dangerously naïve. Because Sanders has a shot at beating Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, and… »

Calbuzz GOP Debate Take: We Surrender


Donald Trump and Ted Cruz argue about whether Cruz is a natural born citizen and New York Values. Marco Rubio and Cruz wrestle over who is worse on illegal… »

How the Right Has Exploited Immigration for 80 Years


By Harold Meyer- son, The American Prospect: “They keep coming,” the advertise- ment’s narrator intoned, while the screen showed footage of undocu- mented immigrants scurrying across a highway…. »

Stop the Presses: Women, Latinos Hate Cruz, Trump


News that the loath- some Ted Cruz has rocketed to the lead in the Field Poll ahead of the noxious Donald Trump among California Republicans is mildly interesting, but… »

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