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Ophidia in Herba: Thoughts On Gov. Snake Wrangler


The last we checked, Jerry Brown had 3,563 likes, 218 shares and scores of comments on the Facebook photo he proudly posted on Saturday of himself overpowering a snake. A cross between American Gothic and Genesis 3:14, the picture apparently was snapped at Governor Gandalf’s spread up in Colusa County, where the stick he wielded… »

Op-Ed: Why Unions Back Bonilla Over Glazer


By Mike Durant Special to Calbuzz Much has been written about campaign spending in the East Bay’s 7th  State Senate district race, from the record-breaking $1.1 million that L.A. businessman Bill Bloomfield,  a big-time contributor to top Republicans, has given to Steve Glazer’s campaign or… »

Why Flip-Flopping Rand Paul Hasn’t Got a Prayer


By Dick Polman, From NewsWorks.org: I’m loath to make predictions, because, in politics, you never know. Nevertheless, here I go: Rand Paul’s prospects of ever being president are on a par with the Phillies’ odds of winning the pennant. If he somehow makes it to… »

Op-Ed: Republicans, We Need a New Platform


By David Naggar, Special to Calbuzz: On election day, many Californians are more concerned with jobs, the economy and healthcare than they are with gay marriage, abortion or immigration…. »

Op-Ed: Drought Management Needs Data Science

a leaking tap on white

By Patrick Atwater Special to Calbuzz Gov. Jerry Brown just instituted mandatory rationing for the first time in the state’s history.  We’re in unprecedented territory, and this drought demands… »

Labor’s Shameful Smears of Glazer’s Independence


If you are a voter in Walnut Creek or Concord, San Ramon, Livermore or Pleasanton, you might not want to support Democrat Steve Glazer for state Senate. Maybe you… »

Bracketology: New GOP Presidential Rankings

Wisconsin Budget

“Paddy Power,” Ireland’s largest bookmaker, still has Jeb Bush as the odds-on favorite to capture the Republican presidential nomination, but the far more influential “Hackenflack Line” has dropped the… »

PPIC Survey: California Remains the Great Exception


The most recent survey from the Public Policy Institute of California demonstrates just how different the Golden State is from the rest of the country on some of the… »

Say It Ain’t So: Is Brown Really a Fracking Whore?


Gov. Jerry Brown is dedicated to preserving the environment and leading the fight against climate change. He’s fearless enough to slap Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a “disgrace”… »

Why “Right-to-Die” Is 2016′s Most Consequential Bill


It’s noteworthy, but not surprising, that Dianne Feinstein’s big-deal endorsement of California’s right-to-die legislation comes only a few months after the arduous death of her close and lifelong friend,… »

Kamala’s First Senate Foe: Rocky Chavez on Issues


Now that Repub- lican Assemb- lyman Rocky (his actual name – we asked) Chavez of Oceanside has officially joined the race for U.S. Senate from California, becoming Democratic Atty…. »

Press Clips: 6 Takeaways on Hillary’s Email ‘Scandal’


Pop quiz: Who of the following is the biggest dunce of the week? a) The Indiana state legislator who pursued a sexting relationship with the infamous Sydney Leathers, the… »

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