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Round-up: Harris, Sanchez, Glazer & Kim K’s Butt


The three big takeways from a compelling political week: Kamala Harris looks strong, but hardly inevitable, in the Senate race, where there’s room for another credible candidate, Steve Glazer’s triumph in a Bay Area state senate special election carries big lessons for big labor and Democrats eating their own is like noshing political junk food… »

How ‘Ululation’ Entered California Political Lexicon


The dopey little story that Loretta Sanchez told to an audience of Indian-American Democrats, and that generated several zillion words of reportage while offending every person west of the Mississippi, was just so weird that it brutally challenged the talents of every writer on… »

Disneyland Democrats: Happiest Race on Earth


Loretta Sanchez’s inexplicable Chief Wahoo moment was only one of several outré episodes by the Dems’ current and potential Senate contenders, influenced by the close proximity of the convention hotel to Disneyland. By the time the 3,000 delegates left town it was clear the Senate… »

Sanchez: 6 Takeaways and 1 Alternative Theory


The bottom line on Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s announcement that she’s running for the U.S. Senate is this: it’s the best thing to happen to California political writers since 2010,… »

The FEC Collapse: Triumph of the Plutocrats


So it’s come to this: The ultra-rich, corporate PACs and special interest Super PACS are poised to drive 2016 federal election spending to $10 billion. The only agency that… »

The Full Carly: Incompetence, Hubris and Nastiness


Having crashed Hewlett-Packard’s stock, destroyed H-P’s legendary civility and been fired as CEO; having been bounced as a spokesperson for John McCain’s presidential campaign, and having lost spectacularly in… »

Snakegate: What Does Gov. Slytherin Have to Hide?


More than a week after Jerry Brown advised the world that he’d conquered a rattlesnake, many more questions than answers remain about his Great White Hunter Facebook pic (shown… »

Ophidia in Herba: Thoughts On Gov. Snake Wrangler


The last we checked, Jerry Brown had 3,563 likes, 218 shares and scores of comments on the Facebook photo he proudly posted on Saturday of himself overpowering a snake…. »

Op-Ed: Why Unions Back Bonilla Over Glazer


By Mike Durant Special to Calbuzz Much has been written about campaign spending in the East Bay’s 7th  State Senate district race, from the record-breaking $1.1 million that L.A…. »

Why Flip-Flopping Rand Paul Hasn’t Got a Prayer


By Dick Polman, From News- Works- .org: I’m loath to make predictions, because, in politics, you never know. Nevertheless, here I go: Rand Paul’s prospects of ever being president… »

Op-Ed: Republicans, We Need a New Platform


By David Naggar, Special to Calbuzz: On election day, many Californians are more concerned with jobs, the economy and healthcare than they are with gay marriage, abortion or immigration…. »

Op-Ed: Drought Management Needs Data Science

a leaking tap on white

By Patrick Atwater Special to Calbuzz Gov. Jerry Brown just instituted mandatory rationing for the first time in the state’s history.  We’re in unprecedented territory, and this drought demands… »

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