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PPIC Survey Exposes deLeon’s Daunting Task


The finding by PPIC that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa lead in the race for California governor is not news. But it’s an eye-opener to see that Dianne Feinstein is crushing state Senate leader Kevin DeLeon 2-to-1 in the race for her seat in the U.S. Senate. Newsom leads… »

De Leon’s Dilemma: He’s Got to Attack Feinstein


Kevin de Leon, the Democratic state Senate leader who wants to be a United States senator has a problem: Before he can make a compelling case for himself, he’s got to convince voters that after 24 years, they should fire U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein. It’s… »

De Leon Takes on California’s Most Durable Liberal


Ambitious but termed-out, Kevin de Leon, the 50-year-old state Senate President, on Sunday presented himself as a tougher progressive alternative as he announced a primary challenge to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, 84, one of the nation’s most venerable, influential and well-positioned liberal Democrats. De Leon’s… »

PPIC Poll: Is Feinstein in Trouble? Not Likely


Calbuzz interrupts our hiatus to file this breaking news report: We don’t doubt the polling finding from the Public Policy Institute of California, released tonight, showing that 50% of… »

Death of Truth, Part IV: We Bother Because We Care


It gives us no pleasure to interrupt our sabbatical to lament, once again, the Death of Truth. But when the president seeks to turn the Boy Scouts of America… »

Independence Day: Calbuzz Takes a Sabbatical


On Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day, the headline over our take was not only ominous and apocalyptic but, quite modestly, on the money and damned prophetic, too: “Jan. 20, 2017:… »

SB 10 Would Rightly End the Cash Bail System


By George Lakoff, Special to Calbuzz: Imagine losing days, weeks, or months of your life rotting in a jail cell even though, in the United States, you’re supposed to… »

Trump Thought He Had a Guy . . . He Didn’t


By Dick Polman, News- Works: James Comey’s sworn Senate testimony basically confirms what anyone with a smidgen of mental cognition has known since day one — that Donald Trump… »

Californians Love Medicare for All – Just Not the Bill


A majority of Cali- fornians favors a Medicare for All approach to health insurance coverage. Until they’re asked to pay for it. That’s the finding of a new statewide… »

CA Democrats Shape Their Future This Weekend


By Steve Maviglio, Special to Calbuzz, With a Few Notes: Between attending the “Nasty Women and Bad Hombres” and “Fueling the Resistance” hospitality suites, the 3,300 delegates pulling their… »

Wannabe Guv Chiang: “Stronger Financial Future”


Today Calbuzz presents the fourth in our occasional series of interviews with contenders for governor in 2018. We’re starting with this stuff early, given both the clear and present… »

PPIC Survey: California Hates Trump, Loves Brown


President Donald Trump’s approval rating, just 39% nationwide, is an anemic 31% in California, according to the latest survey from the Public Policy Institute of California. At the same… »

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