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How Undecideds Could Reshape U.S. Senate Race

loretta sanchez Kamala Harris

We all assume that since surveys have found Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez as the candidates with the most support in the open primary race for U.S. Senate, that it’s almost a sure thing that the runoff election in November will pit the two Democrats against one another. And certainly, if you just accept the… »

Non-Partisan Republicans Offer No Hope to GOP


We have no idea who will be California’s next governor after Jerry Brown rides into the sunset at the end of 2018 but we know this: all the hype around San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who last week said he will not run, represents a… »

PPIC Reports Clinton, Sanders Close in California


Bolstered by independent voters, Bernie Sanders has pulled to within two points of Hillary Clinton in California, with support from younger voters and men compared to Clinton’s lead among older voters and women, according to the Public Policy Institute of California’s most recent poll. While… »

Why National Presidential Polls are Malarkey


Why does it make us tear our hair and rend our garments to listen to so-called analysts in the national news media hyperventilate about how Hillary Clinton and Donald… »

Memo to Millennials: Dire Risk in Bernie or Bust


Dear Millennial Bernie Backers: At the serious risk of sounding like the get-off-my-lawn geezers we despised in the 1960s and ‘70s, the old codgers at Calbuzz would like to… »

How Trump Could Flip Republican CDs in California


Now that Donald Trump has nearly completed his hostile takeover of the Republican Party, thoughtful leaders of the GOP are fretting about one thing only: keeping The Donald from… »

Kasich Out, GOP = Grandiose Odious Perversity

JohnKasich (1)

Kasich’s withdrawal represents an inarguable and profound transformation of America’s political landscape: only one of the major parties will field a nominee able to speak in complete sentences who… »

Cruz Finally Tells Truth About Trump, Then Folds


Hours before Indiana Repub- licans forced him from the presidential race, Ted Cruz finally told the truth about Donald Trump, trashing him as an amoral, narcissistic, philandering, misogynistic pathological… »

How Pete’s Nod to Ted Personifies GOP Desperation


Former Gov. Pete’s Wilson’s Saturday endorse- ment of Ted Cruz for president laid bare the Republican Party’s fear of Donald Trump, how truly far to the right the GOP… »

Excloo: Trump Hidey-Hole Turns Tourist Trap


Pilgrims have begun visiting a small, windswept site alongside U.S. 101-N, where Secret Service agents less than 24 hours earlier fabricated a makeshift pathway for Donald Trump to skulk… »

GOP’s Blitzkrieg by the Bay: Nine Key Questions


This week- end’s Repub- lican state convention portends the most amusing and bizarre political spectacle since the GOP’s Astrodome presidential confab in 1992, when Pats Buchanan and Robertson teamed… »

The Cruz Fiorina Ploy: A Cynical Play for CA Reeps


By picking failed and fired Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his would-be vice-presidential running mate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is making a desperate and farcical last-ditch play to appeal… »

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