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What Hillary Must Do at the DNC in Phiadelphia


Convening in Philadelphia this week, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party must counter Donald Trump’s fear and loathing GOP convention by offering a practical and promising economic message targeted at beleaguered and persuadable middle class voters in the Midwest, especially western Pennsylvania and Ohio. It won’t hurt to aim a few reassuring words at the Medicare and… »

Trump to America: “Dear Leader” Will Save You


You are victims and I am your voice. That is what a red-faced Donald Trump told the American people as he accepted the Republican nomination for president Thursday night, shouting for 74 minutes to millions of viewers beyond the Cleveland convention hall who, by a… »

Day 3: RNC Erupts in Total Trumpster Fire


Like a Texas-sized skunk at Donald Trump’s garden party, Senator Ted Cruz spewed his feral stench on the New York narcissist’s convention — by withholding his endorsement of the Republican nominee during 23 minutes of juicy prime time given him by the Trump campaign. It… »

It’s Official: Trump Is Nominated and Truth Is Dead


The second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland began with Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, notifying the American people that what they could plainly see with… »

Day 1: Rudy’s Head Explodes, Melania Plagiarizes


First came the Repub- lican’s unity speaker: A woman who healed the wounds from a brutal convention floor flight by accusing Hillary Clinton of murdering her son. Then the… »

What Trump Must Do At The Trump Convention


Tonight, the Calbuzz National Affairs Desk will sink into the couch cushions to witness the Trump National Convention just like real Amuricans, gaping at our electric televisions while fortified… »

A Modest Proposal to Address Institutional Racism


Alton Sterling was not killed by the police. Philandro Castile was not killed by the police. They were killed by individual police officers, in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis. But… »

Why Donald Trump Won’t Beat Hillary Clinton


As Hillary Clinton made history Tuesday, let us recall that Calbuzz was first to report — in midsummer 2015 — that Donald Trump categorically manifests Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This… »

Why the BS Line on Superdelegates is BS


We don’t know who’s going to win the Demo- cratic presidential primary in California today, although polling suggests that Hillary Clinton should squeak by Bernie Sanders. But, as usual… »

USC/LA Times: Clinton 49%, Sanders 39% (Perhaps)

DEM 2016 Debate

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 49-39% among likely voters in California’s Democratic presidential primary, according to the latest USC/Los Angeles Times Poll. Or, not. According to the same poll,… »

Field Poll: Clinton v Sanders Down to the Wire in CA

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

With over- whelming support among younger voters and independents, Bernie Sanders has drawn within two percentage points of Hillary Clinton in California’s Democratic presidential primary race, according to the… »

How Undecideds Could Reshape U.S. Senate Race

loretta sanchez Kamala Harris

We all assume that since surveys have found Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez as the candidates with the most support in the open primary race for U.S. Senate, that… »

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