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Why Kashkari’s Electoral Project Is a Total Failure


Neel Kashkari has argued throughout the 2014 that he could alter the dynamics of the party politics in California by demonstrating that a Republican who is socially moderate and economically conservative can win – or at least run competitively – in a race for governor. The final Field Poll of the season demonstrates that is… »

Time for Cheapskate Gandalf to Cover the Spread


It’s time for Gov. Jerry Brown to spend some of the millions in contributions he has on hand for his own re-election against Republican Neel Kashkari. Why? Not because he’s in danger of losing – he’s ahead 52-36% in the latest PPIC poll. But because… »

Press Clips: A Salute to Bill German, True Newsman


They buried Bill German on a hilltop overlooking Mt. Tamalpais Sunday, a great editor whose 62-year career at The Chronicle spanned the last great era of newspapering in San Francisco. Mr. German was a principal player in the Bay Area’s final, fierce and full-scale newspaper… »

Kashkari’s TV Spot Betrays His Utter Lack of Decency


Everyone knows that Demo- cratic Gov. Jerry Brown is going to crush his Republican challenger, Neel Kashkari, in the November election, probably by 20 percentage points or more. But… »

CD 17: Khanna Says Race Tied; ‘No Way’ Says Honda


Calbuzz seldom puts much stock in polls pushed by campaigns for one simple reason: they don’t tell you the results when they’re not good for their candidate. On the… »

Brown’s Slip Up Gives Neel a Small Opening

Dad changing diaper

Just when you thought the 2014 govern- or’s race was a done deal and that Jerry Brown had a lock on a fourth term, he has exposed an unexpected… »

Press Clips: No Punditry For Old Men


Return of the Little Pulitzers: Scooplet of the Week honors to David G. Savage, who drilled down on the details of a case just accepted by the U.S. Supreme… »

Khanna Fights Uphill as Honda Flogs Phony ‘Bi’ Cred


In his one and only debate with his Democratic challenger Ro Khanna the other night, U.S. Rep Mike Honda, D-San Jose, reeled off a variety of high-dollar items he… »

A Spectator’s Guide on GOP Bid for Senate Control


California plays no role in the biggest political story of the year, the Democrats’ desperate struggle to hold off a Republican takeover of the Senate. No matter: a handful… »

PPIC: Xerxes of Kashkari Down 21 Points to Gandalf


Here’s Repub- lican Neel Kashkari’s funda- mental problem in challenging Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown: The governor’s ’s job approval rating is at 55% among likely voters compared to… »

Temper, Temper: Kashkari’s Odd Attack on Calbuzz


Neel Kashkari lashed out at two, slightly tipsy Calbuzzers extending handshakes Saturday night, a rookie display of pique and rancor that hints at a strain of distemper in his… »

Rand Paul Serves Thin Gruel to GOP Convention


California Repub- licans hoping to be fired up and inspired by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, the keynote speaker at Saturday’s GOP convention, instead were given a limp, meandering ramble,… »

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