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How Obama’s Immigration Orders Jam the GOP


Perhaps the most idiotic response to President Obama’s historic executive orders halting the deportation of up to five million undocumented immigrants, but surely the most telling, came via numbskull congress creature Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who predicted the newly protected immigrants would become “illiterate” Democratic… »

Op Ed: How Big Plastic is Threatening California


By Steve Maviglio, Special to Calbuzz: Tell me if you have you seen this movie before: a corporate special interest, frustrated with the Legislature, dreams up a ballot measure designed to protect its profits. An army of high-priced consultants tells the naive corporate backers they… »

Election Post-Mortem: We’ve Seen This Movie Before


In the wake of Tuesday’s election, wherein the Republican Party took control of the U.S. Senate, captured governorships in key battleground states, increased their majority in the House and generally stole the Democrats’ lunch, Calbuzz has a word of advice for partisan and media hysterics… »

Op Ed: Why Politicians Run Knowing They’ll Lose


By Chuck Mc- Fadden, Special to Calbuzz: If the polls are correct, and they usually are, Jerry Brown will demolish Neel Kashkari on Tuesday. In fact, much of the… »

Why Kashkari’s Electoral Project Is a Total Failure


Neel Kashkari has argued through- out the 2014 that he could alter the dynamics of the party politics in California by demonstrating that a Republican who is socially moderate… »

Time for Cheapskate Gandalf to Cover the Spread


It’s time for Gov. Jerry Brown to spend some of the millions in contributions he has on hand for his own re-election against Republican Neel Kashkari. Why? Not because… »

Press Clips: A Salute to Bill German, True Newsman


They buried Bill German on a hilltop overlooking Mt. Tamalpais Sunday, a great editor whose 62-year career at The Chronicle spanned the last great era of newspapering in San… »

Kashkari’s TV Spot Betrays His Utter Lack of Decency


Everyone knows that Demo- cratic Gov. Jerry Brown is going to crush his Republican challenger, Neel Kashkari, in the November election, probably by 20 percentage points or more. But… »

CD 17: Khanna Says Race Tied; ‘No Way’ Says Honda


Calbuzz seldom puts much stock in polls pushed by campaigns for one simple reason: they don’t tell you the results when they’re not good for their candidate. On the… »

Brown’s Slip Up Gives Neel a Small Opening

Dad changing diaper

Just when you thought the 2014 govern- or’s race was a done deal and that Jerry Brown had a lock on a fourth term, he has exposed an unexpected… »

Press Clips: No Punditry For Old Men


Return of the Little Pulitzers: Scooplet of the Week honors to David G. Savage, who drilled down on the details of a case just accepted by the U.S. Supreme… »

Khanna Fights Uphill as Honda Flogs Phony ‘Bi’ Cred


In his one and only debate with his Democratic challenger Ro Khanna the other night, U.S. Rep Mike Honda, D-San Jose, reeled off a variety of high-dollar items he… »

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