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20th CD: Jimmy Panetta’s Deft Move Against TPP


Announcing his candidacy Tuesday to succeed Democratic Rep. Sam Farr in California’s 20th Congressional District, Democrat Jimmy Panetta — responding to a brilliant question from Calbuzz — took the one issue that could have given him trouble off the table: he declared his opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership. Farr is one of the rare… »

In Their Own Words: The GOP Plan for Losing


The canned intro to last night’s Fox Business News network Republican presidential debate positioned the event this way: “For the first time, the end of the road can be seen on the horizon.” Let us pray that it is so. In our latest, we-watch-this-stuff-so-you-don’t-have-to exercise… »

GOP Debate: Rubio Rises, Trump Fades, Bush Lame


The third Republican debate was a messy, nasty event with lousy questioning and control by the CNBC panel. The news? Donald Trump didn’t win. Jeb Bush didn’t impress. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie were strong. Meh. Our scorecard: WINNERS Marco Rubio — Counter-punched… »

Trippi: 10 Days In October Revealed Hillary’s Prowess


By Joe Trippi, Special to Calbuzz: For months the political punditry class was either blind or pretended it couldn’t see things that should have been clear when it came… »

Why Bernie Fans Are Wrong On Who Won the Debate


UPDATE: When we posted this, it was centered on a critique of the alleged polls Bernie Sanders fans were citing to argue that he’d won the debate. Since then,… »

Dem Debate Changes Nada — Hillary’s The One


Here’s what happened in Las Vegas at the Democrats’ first presidential debate: Hillary Clinton went in as the overwhelming front-runner and she came out as the overwhelming front-runner. She… »

How the GOP Became the Occupy Congress Party


The Occupy Wall Street move- ment was fatally flawed: it had no principles of unity, no structure, no leadership and, as a consequence, no chance to effect real change…. »

Jackson: “Real Teeth” in Landmark Pay Equity Bill


Calling it “a very important milestone,” Governor Brown this week signed SB 358, trekking to Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park in Richmond for an celebrating the tough new… »

RIP Don Edwards, a Rare, Decent Politician


When we heard that Californ- ia’s Don Edwards, one of the great former congressmen of our lifetimes, had died last week, we were struck by how few men and… »

Why Can’t MSM Read Its Own Damn Hillary Polls?


When California’s own Speaker-to-be Kevin McCarthy let slip on Tuesday that the Republicans in Congress put together a Benghazi special committee in order to damage Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness, he… »

GOP Wrap: Carly Up, Carson Down, Trump Flat


By the time the epic Repub- lican debate ended last night — long after Jeb Bush copped to smoking weed, Donald Trump called himself humble and George P. Shultz… »

Simi Valley Showdown: Trump’s Slander, Carly’s Lies


Over and over and over again, national news media wiseacres wonder aloud why Donald Trump keeps gaining support when every rational person in America knows he’s just a narcissistic… »

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