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Hillary Looks Presidential – Was Donald On Drugs?


The first one-on-one presidential debate came down to this: a woman president versus a whackjob who kept sniffing like a cokehead. Or maybe he just has pneumonia. While Hillary Clinton reassured our allies that “words matter” and the United States of America will honor its commitments, she just grinned broadly when Donald Trump said he… »

Round 1: What the Lying, Corrupt Narcissist Must Do

donald-trump (1)

There’s one essential challenge facing Republican nominee (!) Donald Trump in Monday night’s First Round debate, and it’s monumental: Stand on the stage at Hofstra University and appear to be a plausible president and commander in chief. After more than a year of peddling lies,… »

Cage Match of the Marks: Senate Polling Miasma

loretta sanchez Kamala Harris

California A.G. Kamala Harris remains the favorite against Representative and sister Democrat Loretta Sanchez in the race for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Babs Boxer. However, California’s top two pollsters – Mark DiCamillo of the Field Poll and Mark Baldassare of the… »

Clinton, Harris Lead; Field Poll Goes Online (Yow!)


The Field Poll, widely regarded as one of the most accurate survey firms in the country, suddenly switched up its methodology, abandoning calls to known registered voters with a… »

Trump the Isolationist is Really an Imperlialist


In deciding who they want for president, American voters are looking for two things in one person: a hard head and a soft heart. This is the formulation coined… »

Op Ed: How the CA Nurses are Failing All Labor


By Steve Maviglio, Special to Calbuzz: Bernie Sanders announced recently that he would launch a nationwide effort to help elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency, promising to fill up… »

Clinton’s Strategy: Isolating Trump as a Party of One


We take only scant satis- faction in noting that the MSM finally show signs of understanding what Calbuzz laid out more than a month ago: that in their speeches… »

Trump’s Impotence: Why He Cannot Stand Criticism


Some in the MSM have already conclud- ed that Donald Trump is not just unfit to be president but that “a Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation… »

Toldja! We Warned A Year Ago He Was Nuts


ABC (Always Believe Calbuzz): Donald Trump’s bona fide mental illness at last has become so public, so manifest and undeniable, that big names and big feet among the MSM… »

Hillary: Far More Credible As POTUS Than Trump


Hillary Clinton met all the political challenges she faced in accepting the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination on Thursday: she spoke directly to economically anxious middle-class voters outside of the… »

Obama Casts Hillary as “Us” and Trump as “Them”


In one of the most powerful conven- tion endorsement speeches ever made by a sitting president, Barack Obama on Wednesday masterfully reshaped Donald Trump’s division of the nation into… »

Hillary Makes History, Bubba Plays First Spouse


Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday became the first woman ever nominated for president by a major political party. Before offering our usual, full menu of blinding political insights, Calbuzz… »

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